Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh My Aching Boobs

I'm experiencing some lovely side effects of the Progesterone injections.  I knew from the drug sheet they gave me with the medicine that I could experience some of the side effects.  I think I'm also experiencing some that aren't on the list too.

1)  My boobs ache.  Okay so that is on the side effects list.

2) Forgetfulness, not on the list but I swear its gotten worse since taking the shots.  I'm on my fourth shot as of this A.M. (41 injections this cycle and counting)

3) Nausea, its on the list of side effects for two of the scripts, the progesterone and the doxycyline.

4) Mood swings.  Nope not on the list.  So I'm wondering if they just neglected to put it on there because come on now we all know that women taking these meds are hormonal its a given since well, its a hormone we are taking!

5) Nightmares.  The nightmares have increased since taking this particular injection.  I have no choice but to take it.  Monday I'll ask my therapist if there is some technique I can do to help prevent or lessen the nightmares.

6)  Feeling like your spouse is the enemy.  I swear this one needs to be put on the side effects list.  The rose colored glasses have been yanked off, stomped on and shattered to bits never to be found again.  There is just no pleasing me right now.  Hell I don't even like me.

The chaplain spoke with my husband alone a week ago and told him that its not me that is the problem its the hormones.  The hormones are holding me hostage.  I have to agree. I'm not trying to weasel my way out of being responsible for my moods but its a relief knowing that someone is on my side that my spouse will listen to the chaplain. 

Lets face it, my spouse works mostly with guys.  Most of them already have children.  All they seem to remember is that their wives turned into shrews while pregnant.  They remember the bad, not the good.  So they in turn are making the situation here at home for us worse because they are feeding my husband's fears.

I think that all couples, especially men should take a course in parenting.  I'm not saying that its instinctual with females because its not but usually we've had more experience via babysitting than most males.  Men should also take a class and have a support group to deal with us while we are pregnant.  Even one for men that are dealing with infertility.  Think about it, who gets the injection that is filled with hormones?  Twice in 24 hours I've offered in not a nice way to give my spouse an injection just to "see how you like it".  I know its not easy for him to cause me pain by giving me an injection.  Its not easy for him to see my blood on his hands and this morning I bled a lot.  He must have nicked a vein when he removed the needle.  He admitted to having had shaky hands.

On a bright positive note, I framed the glossy picture of the embryo.  I told J that even if it doesn't make it we can look back and know that we created life and it was with us for a while.  He is happy with the framed photo and I made him a wallet size so he can start sharing his baby pictures with the guys at work.


  1. Hormones are not easy to deal with. Combine that with infertility and we're looking at a lethal combination - the victim usually our spouses! I love how your chaplain put it. We are held hostage by hormones. That's exactly it. I also totally agree that men should do more pre-delivery classes and support groups. I really wish they emphasized this more. Hang in there friend! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you that good things are heading your way! *hugs*

  2. The boob the pregnancy continues...well, so does it. On the bright you well worth the end results.


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