Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Its A Hodge Podge Day

Its one of those days again.  J had a long weekend.  He had told me earlier in the week that it was a three day weekend but he forgot to mention that it was indeed a four day weekend until late Friday night.  He said he thought I knew.  If I knew then I would have made plans for a four day weekend.

Oh and for him its a three day work week this week since he has Friday off too.  How am I supposed to get stuff done around here with him under my feet?  Its not like he is a child whom I can send to their room to go clean it, he is a grown man that makes a mess!

So today is my Monday Tuesday again.  Today I'm doing laundry, stripping the bed and putting away the Summer coverlet to don the Winter comforter once again.  The photo of the blanket above is my representation of hodge podge.  Oh and I've yet to find a buyer for the blanket.  I sent a former FRG member the link to my blog on the blanket and asked for her assistance in finding me a buyer for it but as of yet no luck.  Remember the money will go to a charity for the soldiers.

Tonight is the 10th Lupron shot.  I'm no longer on the birth control and soon I'll start the stim shots. Over the next two days I have no less than five doctor appointments.  Thursday morning is my suppression scan to see what is what inside of me.

The anesthesiologist from SRM called me while I was out on Saturday and booked a phone appointment with me for yesterday at 1100 hrs.  He wanted to know my medical history to make sure I got the right stuff to knock me out.  I didn't know  I was going to be given anything stronger than the vicodin  of which I was instructed to take with me to the procedure.  I'm so happy to hear that I'll not be really awake for the egg retrieval.  The thought of that big needle poking about inside of me was rather daunting and I was afraid of crying out in pain when they said it wouldn't really hurt me.  Well it would have been nice of them to have told me that I'll be under heavy sedation.

My phone is driving me nuts this morning.  In the last hour I've had no less than four phone calls.  One of which my husband tells me he locked his gear away at work but forgot the key.  How typical.  Now he has to cut the lock.  Oh but before he tells me he is going to cut the lock he tells me exactly what the key ring looks like that holds that particular key.  So I'm looking for the key ring.  I don't see it.  He says to me that he had already decided to cut it.  So really why was he having me look for it when I have no transportation to get him that key anyway?  I guess he thinks that I have nothing better to do with my morning than to help him look for his lost possessions.  Oh I'm fuming over that one.  I may have forgiven him for saying that he thinks I do nothing around the house but I won't forget it.  I told him, "I don't call you at your work place over something so trivial as a lock so why are you calling me at my place of work over a trivial matter?".  He realized he was being petty, silly, and rather stupid.  Now if he had called me to tell me he loves me it would have been a different matter all together.

Yes the Lupron is making me cranky.  Seriously though today I was chasing a dancing washing machine in the laundry room, I moved a heavy chest, vacuumed, I'm on the second of three loads of laundry and I'm doing the bills.  But I have plenty of time on my hands, according to my spouse, to look for a now defunct key.  Right!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of appointments. Hoping for good things!

  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let me know how it goes.


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