Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Days Of Migraine

For three days now I've been dealing with the headache from HELL!  Today its still here. 

Today I'm having tea containing caffeine, something I rarely do, and acetaminophen.  I didn't say it was helping though did I?

Yup its going to be a really short bitchy post today.  Last night I was puking.  But I'm a good girl when I puke, I keep my mouth closed tight.  Yes, I don't like to projectile vomit unless I know there is a toilet nearby.  No, I don't like re-ingesting my own vomit but when I'm at the dinner table I don't like making others want to lose their supper either.  Is that graphic enough for all of you?  I hope not too much.

On the ovulation front.  I peed in my cup today and checked it with a test.  Faint pink line.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the dark line and will get the chance to try to create a baby without much science involved.  Yes I know keep dreaming on that one.  Still we are set for the IVF in January.

That's all I've got today.  Aches in head, back, pelvis and general crabbiness is prevalent enough to make me want to wear a warning sign that says, "back off or I'll bite your head off".


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well :( I hate persistent migraines, I get those several day long ones sometimes too. And I am totally with you on the puke front, I do that too... I started as a child, and it's habitual now. Yuck. Feel better, and hope good things come your way.


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