Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taking Joy In Someone's Pain

Yup that's me right now.  I'm as angry as a bear that had something taken from it.

I'm having a double dose of reality.  I don't want to fully disclose everything and I certainly won't name names here but I can tell you that people are really disappointing me.

Some of you that follow my blog closely know that I don't have a good relationship with my parents.  Its true they aren't my favorite people nor the parents I always wanted and they are the source of my borderline personality disorder.

But when I need to verify facts within the family I still need to call them.  A cousin of mine, I grew up next door to her mom, recently lost her grandfather and her father within a few days of each other.  I called my parents to verify the facts.  I used to do genealogy and I should probably update my files now.

I'm pissed because my own father thought it was funny.  Yes, he was laughing at the posting about the deaths.  He'd probably now deny it to save face and Mom would back him up.  He's known for at least a day.  I told my mom that Dad is one sick son of a bitch and he'd better watch his karma for his reactions to these deaths.  His health isn't all that good.  He shouldn't be laughing at the demise of others.  Really he should be making amends like the good Roman Catholic he was brought up to be.  Wait a minute, is there really such a thing?  I think my father is perhaps on the other end of the scale there and he cultivates anger in others.

I know, I know, honor thy father and mother.  But when does that apply?  When they go too far they need to be reminded to not be so harsh about the feelings of other.

All I can say is for the sake of the grown children left behind, who are now fatherless, you'd think that my father, their uncle, would be offering condolences.

Oh and if any of my family is reading this, well seriously what you put out there comes back to haunt you.  You know quite well how I feel about your response with this matter.  I've told you on the phone too.

Yes, I've known other people that are just as twisted to find joy in the sorrow of others.  Yes there are plenty of them out there on Earth.  Those that take joy in the loss of someone's pregnancy, their loss of their home, or hard earned wealth.  I find it disgusting to say the least when someone takes joy in the pain of others.


  1. Ugh. Even with "honor thy" parents, at some point, you need to preserve yourself, esp. if they are toxic. Good for you for rising above and making your generation better than the last.

  2. You are so much braver than I am. I rarely call my family out on the blog. Shoot, I rarely call my family period these days.

    Love you, cousin. You are good people. I'm proud to know you.

  3. I am nodding my head reading this. THANK YOU for saying this. I am constantly telling people they shouldn't be so nasty and hateful to others because even though you could be hurting someone's feelings- you really are only hurting yourself in the long run. Being so hateful won't get anyone very far. Well said.

  4. I'm sorry he reacted that way, and I'm sorry you're dealing with his drama. Such a terrible response from him! I agree wholeheartedly about how at some point, you have to step back. There are some circumstances where you have to, and relatives are not saints.

    You are a strong understanding person. Good for you!


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