Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reading Up On The Reason Why

I've been doing a lot of reading up on the subjects of miscarriage, IVF, and pregnancy over the past few weeks.  I knew what could happen but now I want to find out why.

I need to know why if only to figure out a way to help prevent another miscarriage.  Maybe if we try again we can use a different protocol.  Changing out medicines might make the difference or perhaps a change in dosage amounts.

These were my facts:

1) I have a BMI of 32.  I need to lose more weight to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

2)  I have hypertension.  I need to find techniques within my means of lowering the blood pressure to help my medications work better.  My cardiologist doubled my hypertension medicine before the start of the injections.  I need to avoid stress.  Well perhaps I should just divorce and forget IVF right?  Nope not going to happen.  My spouse and I love one another too much to let this end our marriage.

3)  My age is 42.  Nothing I can do about that detail.

4) I have fibromyalgia.  I wonder if that is causing some of the issues with my fertility.

5)  I have two small cysts on my thyroid gland.  Though they aren't seeming to cause any major problems with my thyroid producing the hormone I do wonder if they still might of concern.

6)  I have endometriosis.  Again nothing I can personally do about that issue.  Losing weight and exercising isn't going to make it go away though it might make the endo pain a bit less.

7)  Not all my follicles were developing at the same rate.  I lost out on several good sized follicles by doing what the doctor said and waiting several days for the other ones to develop.  I went from four good ones to two and of the two one made it.  So maybe different strength drugs or different meds are needed. I always have plenty of follicles on clomid.

Now what I found out is this:  SHIT HAPPENS!  Yes, just that.  Sometimes even if thing are perfect, like my 8 celled embryo (JR) something can and will go wrong.  No matter how much I want to lay the blame on someone else it happened.  Sure the stress I was under probably didn't help the cause but what can I do about outside influences?

So I'm still reading and hoping to find a cause.  Something that will pinpoint the problem area with an "ah-ha" moment of clarity.  Something that can be fixed so it doesn't happen again.  If you've got a clue, I'm all ears.


  1. I think sometimes it's just bad luck. I blamed myself for everything after my early miscarriage, particularly the weight issue.

    The only thing I can helpfully say is that you can't stop bad things from happening. But you can reduce some risk factors, so you know that you did everything in your power for things to go right.

    I've had quite a few embies transferred that were 7, 8 or 9 cell and just didn't work... numbers can help, but they don't guarantee anything either.

  2. I honestly don't think there was anything different you could do. Discuss your thoughts with your RE, maybe more in depth about the thyroid levels, but otherwise... nothing to do but move forward and deal with your grief (*hugs*) I know that's a hard enough task in itself, may you find peace/strength.

  3. Wish I had advice for a quick fix. Just love each other, be good to each other. It's amazing what the mental state does to the body. Sometimes it means we have to forgive a lot, give a lot, let go of BS.

    You can do this.


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