Sunday, November 13, 2011

Checking The Costs

Just for the heck of it today I decided to start researching the cost of donor eggs.  Donor eggs would give me a bit more time to try for a child.  It wouldn't be of my genetic material but it would be still of my husband's so its not all that bad to consider.

However, after just checking out the cost for a donor egg set of 6 eggs, the cost is going to be way out of my budget.  $15,000 for 6 eggs.  Yes, it would give me that chance to become a mother and its still quite a bit cheaper than trying to adopt.  But I can't afford the cost right now. 

I could do a loan but really is that a smart thing to do?  In this economy taking out a loan to get pregnant?

I guess the only reason why I'm even looking into this Donor Egg route is because I've yet to ovulate on my own after testing now for three days.  I have all the pains but it could just be the endometriosis.  I'm afraid that my eggs are really failing me.

I read quite a few blogs today and on one in particular the gal mentioned a similar problem to what I had with my last IVF cycle.  Her follicles weren't waking up like they should.  Her doctor decided to tweak her meds and she ended up with plenty of good eggs.  She is just two years younger than me.  I wonder is it because the Army doctors are limited on the types of drugs they can use for our protocols that I'm to never have that baby or is it because my doctor isn't all that great as to live up to the expectations I had hoped he would or quite possibly my eggs are just expired.

My odds given the two eggs they retrieved out of 8 follicles, most not even close to being ripe mind you, were as expected.  I had a 50-50 chance of getting an embryo.  I got one.  Just one.  It temporarily implanted but then something went wrong. 

Now I wonder if its the clinic or my body.  Did the embryologist not chose the best sperm when he did the ICSI?  Or did my body just decide to reject the embryo because I had a sinus infection.

I want a do over.  I want a happy healthy pregnancy.  Maybe I'll get that chance come January.  Now I just need to get another 15 pounds off to make it to my next goal.  I could handle going into the next pregnancy with only being 20 pounds overweight since I know my blood pressure will be more under control with the more weight I get off.  But I can't prevent sinus infections, colds, and flues even if I get the flu shot next week.

Too many variables stay subjective.  I'd like to change all that and make it more of a controlled environment.  An ideal environment.  For now the thought of donor eggs will have to shelved.


  1. Wish I could help you out with that, cousin. I checked into donating once, but no one wanted to touch me with only one ovary. They didn't think it would be worth the effort. :(

  2. Hey missus. Thanks for dropping into my blog and your comments.

    I'm not sure on the doings of armywife doctor access (obviously I need to read more here!!) - can you not choose your own fertility specialists? I know some people fly interstate for this.
    $15K for eggs sounds unreal. I suppose there's more included too, for the doctor involvement? How open is your current doctor to trying different protocols?

    I have no idea about the unripe eggs thing, and I guess you will have googled it to death anyway.
    Re ICSI, the embryologists absolutely choose the best sperm for this, but they have no way of knowing whats 'inside'. as ours told us last week, if they wanted to look at the chromosomes, the sperm has to die first.
    So I guess the 'best' just means normal shape and swimming properly/fast enough.

    Good luck with the weight loss, it can seem like a lifestyle of endless restrictions stretching off to the horizon but you can do it!

  3. "I want a do over." (*hugs*) I think so many can relate to that statement; I know I understand. The price of donor eggs always made me wonder how anyone can afford them, but so do a lot of different fertility treatments. And it sucks so bad when you see these options and know it's not in your price range, that finances are keeping you back. I hope that next time they can tweak things better for you, that it's just the protocol and not your body. Hoping for you.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Just fyi I moved my blog. Click on my name to find it. Needed to move it so IRL friends weren't reading it anymore. Your support and insights mean so much to me. I hope I can provide you with the same support as you go through your journey. I would love to celebrate with you when you get your miracle! *hugs*


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