Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CD 1: IVF #2 Begins

I awoke this morning to a phone call from my REI nurse at Madigan returning my phone call from yesterday.  My calendar is now ready with the scan times and drug dosing for the next IVF.  I'm waiting for the microdose of Lupron to show up which won't be here until early January.

My protocol has changed a bit.  I'll still be using Lupron but I won't be starting it like I did last IVF, this time I'll be waiting until the day of my first scan, the suppression scan.

I'm excited.  Sure I'm a bit sad that the first IVF resulted in a miscarriage but I have hope again for this IVF.  Yes, I know I always keep hope.  I had hope for the natural cycle that I had in-between too.  I had the implantation bleeding on the right day but somehow it just didn't stick.  It never even made it to a chemical pregnancy this time.  But its still nice to know that some part of my body still work at least half way at my age.

Today looks like from the toilet tissue wiping to be day one.  Bright red bleeding was there.  I'm always prepared with boxes of tampons and packs of pads so its not like its ever going to be one of those, "hun, please run to the store for me?" days when it happens.  Well, I hope that never happens at least.

I am thinking of no longer buying tampons.  For the past year or two using them has grown very uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if its the endo pain or what.  They don't work that well for me either with the amount I bleed.  I'm changing even the supers in under an hour when I have my heavy days. 

Bleeding is always a messy subject but somehow I always felt in better control of it, mess-wise, when I was able to use a tampon with comfort.  Now I'm becoming paranoid thinking that perhaps my body is trying to tell me something when it wants to reject it.  Maybe having a tampon sitting inside my body collecting all that blood just isn't good for it.  I'm thinking about the bacteria breeding ground its creating.  While I, knock on wood, have yet to ever have a yeast infection I do wonder if using a tampon could create the proper environment to get one.  Shudders to think of that particular mess.

The REI nurse told me that I could start the birth control by day two of my new cycle.  I don't have enough time to go for another natural cycle before I'd have to be on the pill so I'll be starting it by tomorrow I'm thinking.  My cut off date to start birth control is the 18th of December.  I'll be ringing in the holidays with migraines.  Birth control always gives me migraines and tension headaches.

The sound of the television, the one in the living room makes a slow leak noise of a balloon with buzzing, will give me headaches while on the hormones too.  I love watching the holiday movies too.  I'm a real sucker for the old black and white versions of  Its A Wonderful LifeWhite Christmas,  and The Bishop's Wife.  Cary Grant plays an angel in the last one.  Got to love Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye (spelling his last name?).  I love to watch the dancing scenes in White Christmas. 

Well I'll be spending my holidays with my paper chains, snowflakes, and other craft works to decorate while I watch my holiday flics.  I'll be relaxing and hoping that this will be the cycle to grant me my dream baby.


  1. Wishing you luck and love. Everyone who wants to should get to experience what I'm experiencing.


  2. The bleach in Tampons actually releases an inorganic estrogen into your body. Definitely not good. I have always used them, but recently haven't been able to without pain. As much as I hate pads, I am just going to stick with them. After all, the only reason I am having to deal with them at all is because I am on birth control forcing me to have a cycle,and in a couple months hopefully I will be pregnant from IVF again so I won't have to use them!

    Good Luck!

  3. Good luck. I read somewhere that a cycle after an early miscarriage has a much greater chance of working than if you just got a straight BFN. I suppose it's the silver lining of a very dark cloud.

  4. There's something to be said about going at things naturally... so I hear you on the tampons. As I've gotten older, I use them less often. Pads have come a long way too -- remember how they used to be an inch thick?? And the actual box of them was bigger than a cereal box??

  5. I am wishing you all the best for this second try. I hope the side effects aren't too hard on you for the Christmas season! Old black and white Christmas movies are the BEST!

  6. Sending tons of positive vibes! So hoping for you.

  7. I always like to know my plan so I hope starting earlier than you thought is a good thing for you! Sorry about all the headaches. that is just no fun!

  8. I love the "Count Your Blessings" song on White Christmas. Every Christmas Eve I stay up late to watch.

    I just want to wish you the best of luck with your cycle and thank you for your constant support, encouragement and ideas on my blog. It means a lot to me!

  9. I'm so excited you are starting another IVF! I am finally catching up on posts over the past week. I'm sorry you were going through a rough time. Big hugz, positive thoughts and hoping and praying this is the one that sticks!

  10. Sending you tons of good luck for this cycle. I really hope this is the one for you!

  11. looks like we'll be on the same IVF schedule. i start lupron around jan. 2.


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