Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not Very Patient

It stands to reason that because I'm infertile and I go through so very many tests and procedures the folks about me would think that I'm a very patient person.  I'm not.  I home tested yet again this morning.

Finally I figured out the exact date of my ovulation.  16th of November.  Okay that means that the next day would be the first day in the two week wait.  Today being the 27th of November is day 11 or 11DPO for those that prefer to write it that way.  Still negative.

Being that the HPT was negative I used an OPK too, I just wanted to see what was going on there.  I got two lines.  Why on Earth would I use an OPK?  Well it can be used for a HPT. HCG and LH are similar hormones found in the body.  An OPK tests for the LH at higher amounts so that each test when positive with a dark line would show true since LH is always found in the body at trace amounts.  HCG and LH at a molecular level are nearly identical but for the fact that HCG has a little extra something however it means that an OPK can still detect HCG levels.

So knowing this I tested and found a line, not really dark but a line in the test area besides the control area of my OPK.  My OPK line is darker than the one on the website, so does this mean I won?  Well the HPT test was either so faint it had to be turned at an angle and looked at with special binoculars or there just isn't one visible without super human vision.

A better understanding of how to use this trick is at 
Here are the photos for the same number of DPO to mine from their site.

For some reason my camera just bites when it comes to taking photos of late.  My HPT was identical to the above and a line wasn't really there either.  But my OPK was a lot darker.
The OPK is the blue ended one and HPT is the pink/red ended one.  Like I said my camera bites of late.  Something with the auto focus and I'm starting to wonder if it got dropped without me knowing about it. This does not mean I am ovulating as my test line was still much lighter than the control line.  I know that things can be screwed up for a while after a miscarriage.  Maybe in February I'll get the BFP after the January IVF.

Okay so if I don't get at least a decent faint line tomorrow for 12DPO I'm going to not test the following day.  I'll not test again until my period is late.  I doubt it will be late, even though my breasts still ache when I cross my arms.

Note that I've still been puking up a bit and last night my temp was over 99 but under 100 using my BBT thermometer (99.24). So I either have a touch of the flu, remainders of slight food poisoning (no more egg smelling belches after the first few hours of it), or something just isn't right in my temple.  Some tan spotting continues, had a touch of pink last night but I think it was from trying to detect the cervix position.  I might have irritated it a bit.

Whatever happens I know I have January IVF as my back up.  I'm taking it easy today because I feel ill.  J has gone to the grocery store to pick up some fill in foods to our cabinet until I feel like going for a full grocery trip again.  He can be a sweetie when he wants something.  LOL


  1. Man, I wish the focus on your camera worked better! Does it have a macro setting? Hoping you do get a positive. I've used OPKs are HPTs before just for the hell of it, so I totally understand that!

  2. Thinking about you. Also, I gave you a blog award. Check it out.


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