Monday, November 21, 2011

My WTF Appointment

0920 hrs I was seen at my REI clinic at Madigan with my spouse.  We sat down with Dr. C. to discuss what went wrong with the last IVF cycle.  J was really tired from his CQ duty last night so I wonder just how much he comprehended from the meeting.

Dr. C. explained everything to us but I still don't know the reason why it failed.

On day 3 we had a 8 cell, 0 fragment, Good quality egg, Perfect embryo.  The abbreviations and number were explained to us from the chart.  So if it was a perfect embryo why did it chose to not stick around?  I know I was pregnant because of the two home pregnancy tests.  I told Dr.C. at this appointment that I took them.  I guess it changed the picture a bit.

Now the focus is on the fact that my eggs are my age and not so much what could possibly be wrong with me but with the eggs themselves.  If we used donor eggs he said we'd have a 65% success rate.  I have only 40% with my own eggs.  But it was perfect I'm yelling in my head.  I must have done something wrong.

I asked about the hypertension issue since I'm always on medications.  Its not that.  I asked about being put on restricted weight limit for lifting  he said even if I moved furniture it wouldn't be the problem.

So why?

He said it could look perfect at day 3 but there are sometimes issues with implantation, yes even with the Assisted Hatching we had done on the embryo.

I then asked if it was the endometriosis. He said that could be a factor but that most likely it was still with the age of my egg.  Dr. C. said one of the larger follicles he drained in his egg quest was filled with blood so he knows that I have issues with endometriosis.

To be quite franks he was genuinely surprised to get the 8 cell with zero fragmentation and a perfect embryo considering I'm 42.  He said its rare.  So we still don't know the exact reason why it didn't chose to stick around.

Looks like I'll be doing a late January embryo transfer if all goes well.  If I don't have enough follicles we'll commute to an IUI and hope for the best.

J's morphology issue is no longer an issue and that is good to know.  Now if only his sperm will stay that good for the next round.  We are still going with the ICSI for the January IVF.  We have to.  Dr.C. says it will again increase our odds of a better embryo.

This time I hope we get four follicles for retrieval day, we had four the first day but Dr.C. wanted to wait leaving it at only 2 follicles left by retrieval day.  Dr.C. just didn't want us to do too early of an egg retrieval.  But now that he knows my ovary reserve is declining we might end up doing an early retrieval in January.

I'm also hoping for two perfect embryos to transfer this time around.  I can hope right?

I can also hope that I'm pregnant now, right?  I mean I am in the two week wait right now after ovulating on my own.  But yes, I know that at my age its rare.  My maternal grandmother had my mom at 42 so there is always a chance. 


  1. Gosh that's so much to take in. I have everything crossed for you that you're pregnant now! *hugs*

  2. Good luck to you on this journey! <3.

  3. Ugh how disappointing. Hope you get a sticky bean soon despite all odds!


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