Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wheel Thrown Agate Ware

This post is for all you ladies out there that have ever had to pee in a cup to find the moment of ovulation or tested for pregnancy at home.  Some might find it embarrassing but we all do it.

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift in the mail from my friend and local artist Alex.  She knows that I'm going through a difficult time right now and thought I might like to be cheered up.  I have to say that she is not only beautiful but very talented.

She has similar items to my lovely hand thrown agate ware cup, pictured at left, in her shop online shop called Ugabugabowls. Honestly the photos I take don't do her work justice.  I think I need to purchase a better camera and see about taking some photography classes to improve on picture taking while I'm at it.

Though its hard to see in my photographs the cup is about 2.5 inches tall and 3 inches across at the top opening.  She calls this, for me, a pee cup.  For those of you that do a lot of peeing on sticks you know you need a cup.  Why bother with the disposable cups when you can pee in such a pretty cup?  Besides all those disposable cups aren't good for the environment and I want to go as green as possible.

View of the inside of the cup.  Again this is hand thrown pottery.  Totally unused cup that could also be used as a bathroom cup and not just for the reason why Alex sent it to me.  But I'm going to use it for just that reason because I'm hoping it will be bring me a bit of good luck.

No I'm not superstitious but when a pregnant potter sends you a cup to pee in, so you can use the test sticks to find the right moment or even use it for the home pregnancy test, then I'm going to use it for its intended use.  Wouldn't you just love to purchase a beautiful, reusable, cup to pee in too?  I mean seriously you'd be doing the environment a favor!

Alex makes a lot more than these beautiful cups.  She makes wonderful bowls, mugs, cookie jars, goblets, pet food bowls, and even a mortar and pestle set.  She really is talented.  Why she even has on her site a chicken roaster pan that she made by hand.

Watch here as she makes some hand thrown Agate Ware.


  1. That is really awesome, how sweet of her. Hope it brings you luck.

  2. I love the idea of a designated pee cup! I want that mortar and pestle set too... it's definitely going to happen soon!


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