Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20 Kids

I'm sorry but somehow I just find this a bit wrong.  Okay sure I'm jealous of the woman's ability to still produce viable eggs at the age of 45 but I'm also concerned about the reasons why they are still even trying.

First off they already have 19 children.  How can they possibly afford to feed the ones still living at home.  Please note that I don't watch this show and never have but that I just saw the headlines on Yahoo this morning.

Second how can it possibly be good for Michelle's body to even be trying for number 20 at the age of 45 and with past complications with the last one?  I'm 42 and I wouldn't even consider trying at her age.  I never thought I'd still be trying for the first one at 42 either.

I read through a few of the comments below the article and one stuck with me about hoarding.  Another about pets.  Well I wouldn't exactly call it hoarding since they aren't material possessions, they will grow up and hopefully leave the nest and they aren't animals per say, though I'm sure all of our parents have at one time referred to us as animals with the messes we make.

Its really none of my business but why is all I want to know.  Just why would they even consider having yet another child in this economy?  Its no longer cute to see huge families when you know in reality they have the same issues as a small family would just multiplied.  Remember though, television only allows us to see what they want us to see.

The only large family I tend to cheer on these days would be the Brown Family.  At least there are 5 adults raising all those kids.  5 potential incomes.  5 parents all helping one another when problems arise.  20 children and 2 parents is just a mess.

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  1. i agree. I can't even imagine it. Its hard enough with the few that I have plus having acquired another one.


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