Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Handfasting Anniversary

photo above is where we ate

Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of the day my husband and I handfasted.  Its an ancient Scottish tradition.  One of our friends acted as High Priestess for the ritual while our friends gathered around our altar to help light the four main candles while wishing us well for the coming year.  Our hands were bound together with my clan's plaid, Stewart, and we lit our candles which were bound together with ribbon.  After we served up scotch, soda, meats and cheeses as it was an after dinner ceremony.

Seven years later we are still together having made our marriage official  just after Mabon started a little over five years ago.  Even though the ship's captain lost our Wiccan ceremony we had typed out for him on paper we still were married with a Native American Blessing.  All four elements were again present as we married directly on the water, well we married on a large boat on the lake.

My husband brought home, after signing out on leave, yesterday a bouquet of red and white roses, baby's breath, pine branches and star gazer lilies.  They smell so wonderful.  We exchanged one gift each from under the tree.

For dinner we drove to the East.  There is a quiet small town called Roy just off post out the east gate.  We looked up placed to eat online as my husband wanted a steak house and I wanted a place that served more than just steak.  We found a wonderful hidden gem called The Old General Store Steakhouse and Saloon.  The prices are reasonable and the service is fast.  My husband ordered the ribeye steak and I had the fish platter.  I used our $25.00 restaurant coupon and our two meals with drinks only came to a little under $35.00 with the tip after the coupon was applied.

This place has character.  They have live bands every weekend and they hold dancing classes.  The portion sizes are nothing to sneeze at.  We had so much left over food that we ended up with two carry out trays.  I'm eating slow to make sure my brain tells me that I'm full so I don't over eat.

Well worth the drive across post to get to the other side.  Hmmm...makes me sound like the chicken crossing the road.  Well at least I know the chicken made a smart move by heading out to that particular restaurant.

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