Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Joys of Baking

Photo of our creations

Wednesdays have become a tradition of baking in our house.  Every Thursday my husband shares with his co-workers, and any other soldiers that happen to drop by his work place, the home baked goods he brings in that day.  Today he brought in a large pan filled with decorated sugar cookies.

I baked three dozen cookies of various shapes yesterday.  I swear working that dough was rougher on my muscles then the bread dough I usually make for the house.  Speaking of which I'm going to get to work on making some more bread.

My husband helped me in the frosting and decorating of the cookies.  We used Skittles, jaw breakers, sprinkles and gum drops to go with the colored frosting.  I know for a fact that the cookies are delicious even without the frosting, one broke on the way to the cooling rack.  It happens occasionally.  So I ate the star shape.

I love to bake.  Its a labor of love for me.  I end up in a lot of pain for standing for the hours it takes to mix the ingredients, knead them, bake them and decorate them.  By the time the last cookie is frosted I'm ready to sit with the leg and back pain.  The pay off is hearing from my husband how much the soldiers are enjoying the treats each week.  Thursdays they now look for the baked goods when he arrives.  I'm smiling thinking of how happy it makes them.

Good news on the repairs, Chad from Equity is here to fix my bathtub this morning.  I might actually be able to take a bath at night without having to refill the tub three times. 

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