Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready, Aim, Need Firearm First

Some of you might know who Kimber is and why I'd love Kimber.  For those of you who don't I'll have to tell you why.

My hands shake at times when I'm trying to get my aim on a target while using a lighter weight hand gun.  I need a heavier weapon.  I love the Kimber models.  Especially the Raptor II.  Its heavy which makes it easier to get lock on my target.  Sure, like my mom said to me just this morning, I could just go and buy a sawed off shotgun and it would take care of most situations but what fun is that?  I like to target shoot.

One of these days I'll have the money to buy a Kimber, over a grand for the Raptor II, which will hold its value unlike a Taurus or Glock.  I'm thinking ahead to being a collector.  I'd also like to get a Belgium Browning Trap gun.  My taste in weapons run to the expensive side.

Now that I have in my possession my concealed carry permit, it came in yesterday's mail, I feel no urge to go out and buy a gun just to have it on me.  I'm sure that some folks after receiving their permit in the mail do run out and go buy a gun but I'm rather selective about what I want to own.  I'm selective about a lot of things I'd like to possess.  I also don't like to let a lot of other people handle something that is mine and mine alone.  Its all that negative energy that people let flow freely from themselves.  Bugs the crap out of me when someone just grabs something of mine and starts playing with, tossing around, or mistreating in general one of my possessions.

I know that the athame in Wicca can be constituted as a weapon to some folks in certain states because it has two edges.  Big deal.  I could sharpen a piece of plastic and use it as a weapon too.  The point is I don't want anyone touching my athame nor my gun without prior permission from me.

Enough said?

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