Friday, December 17, 2010

Say Goodbye

Today we say goodbye to our friend Jesse.  He ETS'd from the Army today and is going back to his home state.  For now he is stopping bye to visit with us before he starts his journey home.  He and my husband have been friends since early 2008 when they met in Korea.  I've only known him for about two years myself and mostly through my husband.

Earlier this week another dear friend made his journey south.  I'll miss Bryan and his cat too.  All 25 pounds of orange tabby.

I always hate goodbyes.  Saying goodbye to Bryan made me cry.  Jesse is still in our house and I hope the water works won't start as soon as he hugs me goodbye for the last time.  I always hope to see our friends in the future but I have to be a realist.  So many people enter our lives and leave again, making impressions of which we always hope will be good ones.  Its hard to say goodbye to those that mean so much.

Bryan and Jesse if you read this remember I care about you guys.  I want to see you guys again.  Remember to stay in contact with my husband and I.  Okay I'm already choking up, thanks for sneaking up on me Jesse to read over my shoulder.

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