Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healthier Options In The DFAC

The Army is going to start offering healthier options in its DFACs (Dining Facilities).  Its about time.  The two main complaints I hear from the soldiers, married and single are the food and housing.  Our troops need healthier options.  When my spouse was gone for the past three years he complained about the terrible food.  Sure they put labels on the dishes showing how much fat and sodium content but it didn't stop them from being served and eaten.  Our troops are getting fat.

We all need some healthy fats in our foods, mostly omega-3's but sometimes a nice piece of cake with all its sugar will also help boost our moods.  Just not a huge chunk of cake!

Sodium seems to be the real problem in the foods.  I have to watch my sodium intake.  I've noticed that when I stick closely to that 1000 mgs a day of sodium that I am allowed I'll drop weight rather quickly.  If I go over it, which always happens on the weekends and holidays I'll gain weight quickly.  Sodium raises blood pressure narrowing the arteries causing the bad fats to stick to your artery walls.  Well that is my theory at least.  Not sure if its true as I don't have a degree in nutrition.

The Army is not only going to add more nutritious foods but they are going to implement a healthier routine to basic training workouts.  Its about time.  I know growing up I learned some terrible eating habits at home.  I have two obese parents, no wonder I turned out obese.  I try to lose the weight but I eat when I'm upset.  Sugar, full of the serotonin, makes me feel good until I eat that last bite and realize I just ruined my weight loss for the day.

I'm really happy to know that our soldiers will start getting better treatment at meal times with Drill Sgt's watching over them to help them make the better food choices.  Now if only we could get better housing for the military we'd all be happier.  I won't hold my breath on that last one.

Here is the link to the article on the Army Fighting Fat:

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