Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elves Working Overtime

The elves are working overtime in preparation for the upcoming 24th of December.  I say make it easy and just drop coal from the sky.  Those little black, shiny, carbon crystals will become fast destroyers of the bad.  I have holiday spirit but I'd also like to see Karma in action.

The above photo is two of my favorite people hard at work wrapping stuff for last week's party.  It went over well but I did not like the responses of some of the younger crowd.  It annoys me no end how the youth will take for granted a gift of any type or amount.  Can't they just be happy that someone gave them a gift?  These gifts aren't bought without someone in mind.  A lot of thought goes into making the list, finding the perfect gift if one does exist, wrapping it securely and waiting for that moment for the receiver to have some sort of joy on their face.

Too often we all take for granted the little gifts we are given through out the year.  A close miss in traffic, a destructive storm passing by our house and taking the next one out, extra time with out kids or spouse.  We forget to stop and enjoy ourselves too.

Sure Christmas was moved to December 25th because the Roman Catholic Church wanted to stamp out Mithraism.  Christ's birthday by the actual time line should be celebrated between 5 Sept and 5 Oct.  But it is celebrated on 25 December now and what better time of year to show the love of our fellow man and woman!  I'm not saying that we should bankrupt ourselves in the pursuit of that perfect gift.  What I am saying is that we should give of ourselves to those around us.

Inexpensive ideas:

Give the gift of babysitting to that couple that can't afford one but would like to go to the grocery store without the kids grabbing at everything in the aisles.

Offer to help out your neighbor with a project.

Offer to take a friend to the grocery store or mall next time you are planning a trip.  Maybe a lonely neighbor would like to go with you for craft supplies or groceries.

If you have borrowed from someone this year that also doesn't have a lot of money, IE: same pay grade, Pay Them Back.  Even if its just a few bucks at a time. Friendship is precious and you don't want to lose that friend just because you were the one borrowing.

Remember the neighbor and friends that have made you hot meals and home baked goods with similar return.  They might like to be remembered too.  Especially those that now have deployed spouses.  I can think of one gal that has several young kids at home now with a deployed spouse.  She might just love to get a home cooked meal or baked good.  Time away from meal preparation is nice to have.

Just give what you can give when possible and not just at this time of year.  It builds good Karma and all of us could use the cheer.

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