Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finishing Touches

This week is only half done and I'm already exhausted.  Since Monday I've been trying to get repairs done on this house.  The repairs were promised to be completed on Monday, its now Wednesday and they are still yet to be finished.

I called Equity on Monday morning, they sent out a repair guy on Monday afternoon.  He looked at what had to be done and said he was here only for the door and I couldn't add on any other repairs.  Funny but I had called in the bathroom door and tub for repairs.  After the guy left, he only measured the door, I called Equity up again and asked why the tech refused to do the job.  It was explained to me that they didn't know why he did what he did including leaving my front door wide open and the lights on in all the rooms he was in.  So I'm now set up for Thursday morning to have the door and tub fixed.  Well I thought I was.

This morning Equity called me and explained that they could repair my bathtub on Thursday in the morning but they couldn't fix the door issue until Friday morning.  Really?  I wonder why.  The door is being fully replaced and should take only about 15 minutes to replace as the former tech took measurements.  Since Friday last week I've had duct tape holding the two sides of the hollow door together.  The glue I guess let go with the humidity that builds in the bathroom, even with the fan on and the door open.  At first the tech was talking about charging me for the door but realized it wasn't my fault.  I'd better not be charged for a thirty year old hollow door.  There are no signs of damage to the door and it could be glued back together but that is not my job. I don't have the clamps for that job in my possession.  I'm starting to think I should go buy a set.

Since I was awoken early this morning by Equity I got a jump on my cookie making.  The dough for the sugar cookies is now chilling in my refrigerator.  After lunch break I'll begin rolling out the cookie dough and doing the cut outs.  This evening, with my spouse's help we'll get the cookies frosted and decorated.  I'm making them for his co-workers.  Thursdays are now known as bake goods day and the soldiers look forward to what my husband has to bring in to share.  I really don't mind at all.  I keep none for myself because I am trying to lose weight.  Baking is rather relaxing and it makes others happy.

Now that the drama has dissipated from my week I'm relaxing once again.  Not a peep out of my neighbor in two days.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.

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