Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got Eggs?

Got Eggs?  I do.  After three years of eating primarily organic foods I am fertile.  I knew that I was ovulating on my own each cycle for the past two years as my cycles were regular.  However, I'm not a spring chicken and my eggs are getting old. So to improve our chances of conceiving we decided to seek out the help of a fertility specialist. The results are outstanding!

As of the ultrasound at 0930 hrs I have a success.  I have not one but four possible eggs for fertilization in the next two days.  The nurse was surprised when the doctor gave us the go ahead for intercourse and the time we should do the deed.  She said normally with four eggs they'll not let you have sex.  

I'm still astounded to find more than one egg ready for release with only 50 mg of clomid in my first cycle.  Well sure two cycles ago I did do clomid on my own as I've used it in the past.  Three eggs were in the 30 size zone, not sure if it was microns they were talking or what, and one at 19 I have a better than twenty percent chance of conceiving this cycle.  I just hope the fertile mucus stays thin enough now.

Ten years ago I was told by the German fertility specialist in Germany that I was primarily sterile.   I had no hopes of ever conceiving.  What can I say?  Eating right does help make a healthy body and can reverse some problems.

My husband is a little shocked to know that if we are overly successful we might end up with more than one baby.  I've been pregnant with twins before and lost them.  Fingers crossed we'll conceive this cycle with one baby.  I wouldn't mind two babies and I told him I'd handle three as well.  I also explained to him about low birth weight with more than one baby and that they'll need extra care.  I'm not going into this with my eyes closed.  I know what could happen.  I'll just take precautions and make arrangements as the time draws closer.

Until I do conceive I'll not count my babies until the eggs hatch. They do have to hatch from my ovaries and get fertilized.

Wish us luck.


  1. Seeing the folks at Seattle Reproductive Medicine?

    I know a couple who were told between his low viable sperm count (clinically sterile) and her medical issues (long story) that their chances for unassisted pregnancy were 0.0%.

    After conceiving three boys through Seattle Reproductive Medicine (one miscarriage, alas), they were planning another cycle through SRM, when, to everyone's amazement, she conceived naturally. !!!squeee!!! The youngest is now almost three and up to normal benchmarks, even though he was somewhat preemie (I forget how much, but Mom had been on bed rest for almost 6 months.

    As you might imagine she has nothing but awesome things to say about SRM. (Except to lament that her OB retired... but, after ??? long ---- he's entitled). Hope you have a doc that's made of that kind of awesome!!!

  2. If we don't conceive on our own this cycle we've been advised by the specialist here to get the IUI done at SRM, they have one here in Tacoma as well as Seattle. Only reason we have to go off site to the public sector is that our fertility clinic is still under construction with its merge to the ob/gyn clinic on the ground level. Hopefully it opens up soon.


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