Sunday, December 19, 2010

Werewolf or Vampire

Photo by me taken at La Push, WA

What team would you chose to be on?  If I were a betting person I'd put odds on most of my readers having read the Twilight Series.

What prompted this particular posting?  Well this morning there was something on my fridge spelled out in my words magnets, "Rabies: Why a vampire wouldn't do everything to the big werewolf".  My husband has been playing with my word magnets again.  I bought this particular set of Twilight magnets at Dazzled By Twilight in the town of Forks, WA.

He hasn't read the books yet.  I had yet to read even one before  we went on the Olympic Loop for vacation this past summer.  It was after we stayed, totally by accident at the Cullen House also known as the Miller Tree Inn in Forks, WA that I decided to start reading the series when I got back home.

My husband and I watched the first two movies before going on our vacation. We watched the third movie in Port Angeles, WA while on vacation.  He really enjoyed the movies as did I.  See he's a werewolf fan.  For him it goes back to his earlier gaming days and the White Wolf system.  I just love my vampires.  For me it goes back to the old Cliffhangers Show I'd watch as a child along with the old black and white movies I'd watch with my dad on Sundays, you know the Bela Lugosi Dracula movies.  The uber scary, haunting music and flying vampire bat flics of the 1940's were the best and still are in my opinion.

Twilight has its moments I'll give you that.  Its romantic, its sad, its mostly meant for teens, however while traveling the Olympic Loop this summer I met several adult females that were big fans of the movies and books.  So with their prompting I ate at Bella Italia and I don't regret that one bit. I love and have always loved mushroom ravioli to the disgust of my husband.  He swears he's allergic to mushrooms as he runs from them when offered a bite.  To make my husband happy we went for burger at The Lodge, Forks, WA.  They serve generous portions and the food is very tasty.  I had the Nakey Jakey Patty Melt.  My husband had the Big Bad Wolf Burger.

I can honestly say that I have now read all the books in the series.  I even purchased the novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner of which helps out the American Red Cross with its purchase.  Rather a good thing I think since the Cullens' need so much blood for their newest family member.

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