Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

The skies are grey with clouds and I have my doubts that Rudolph will be able to find his way tonight unless it clears soon.  Maybe Old Saint Nick will refuse to deliver in the rain as he prefers the white fluffy snow.  He is an older fellow and the cold rain probably hurts his arthritic joints.  But some how he always leaves a gift or two under the tree for me and if I'm really good something in my stocking to make me feel like a kid once again.  Must be he does have a lot of elves helping him out.

Every year I wonder how the children of the poor, the children that are still waiting to get adopted, or the children that are abused and neglected fair at this time of year.  Would a toy give them more joy than say a warm coat or a hot meal when they've gone without either?

No I'm not trying to put a damper on our buying binges as it is good for the economy and therefore might just present to the parents of children currently without a job a possible job in the coming new year.  What I am thinking is that maybe some of us could learn to pare down our closets a bit.

Being married to the military I have learned that with each new move I must go through all my possessions and clean out.  I've given away to the needy more than one winter coat in good condition.  I don't need a lot though, I some how always collect a lot.  Not to pat myself on the back, but one year I did make a blanket for an auction to benefit the VA Home.  It took me about four months to complete, all hand crocheted.  I shipped it off to North Carolina so that my mom could present it for a fund raiser.  If only my carpal tunnel would behave for a bit I could get back to my charity work.

Maybe this year, since we are headed into what would be our last year, if there is a normal length to a duty station tour, I'll once again start thinning out my closet and my husband's too.  I have plenty of yarn to start another afghan, we'll just see how my hands hold out.

If my readers have extra think about giving some away.  You might find that last minute tax deduction by donating.

If my readers have time, think about helping out someone in need.

Above all, I wish you a very Merry Christmas tonight.  May you all know joy and happiness.

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