Friday, December 10, 2010

Enjoying Precious Moments With My Spouse

photo by me of course..Dungeoness Spit, WA

I think that too often we busy Americans rush through our lives and don't take the time to remember all the small joys, like a shared sunset with a loved one.

Why are we in such a rush to get to retirement?

Why not just stop and enjoy our surroundings and those that are dear to us? 

How about not rushing through our meals?

To all my Fellow Americans I give you this one task today before you rest your head for sleep, take an hour away from your normal hurried routines to enjoy time with your family, your pets, or your neighbors.  Relax for once.  Take note of how you enjoyed taking some time off.

Today I took the lunch time allotted to my spouse and stayed near him the entire time.  We chatted while he ate.  We made plans for later tonight when he gets home from work.  I've been making time for us daily.  Last night we made our first gingerbread house together.  I've never made one before and he claims the same.

I hope that all you will be able to find time today to just relax.  I'm about to go do the same myself but for some alone time.  The pain killers aren't killing my headache.  The antibiotics have been done for more than a day and that second round didn't do the trick either.  So if this post doesn't seem to make much sense its because it hurts to think.

Good luck on the little task.  Maybe you'll even take a few photos of your sunsets.

Have a good weekend!

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