Monday, December 13, 2010

And The Award For Drama Queen Goes To....

Wow did I get into some serious trouble yesterday for my post about dog poop.  Its seems that we have a Drama Queen in our neighborhood.  No, not me though the neighbor who is did Facebook me with messages calling me one and telling me to stay away from them.  Oh geez!  I even got called immature.  So today's blog post is being dedicated to the Drama Queen in my neighborhood.

Yes, I have better things I could be doing.  Oh wait I already did four loads of laundry, had breakfast, lunch, checked my email, went over the bills, played a game online, did dishes up and that left me a lot of time to create trouble right?  Nope.  But I will state that I did block that person who was harassing me and I did report that person.

For my friends on Facebook who commented there, thank you so very much for your support.  Many of you know that I follow the rules.  I'm a rules girl, well sort of, I didn't buy a book to capture a guy but I do follow the rules set forth in our community to make every one's life just that much easier.

Have to be careful here so I'm not naming names.  Dude is nice, the Ragu not so much.    I'm substituting names here, get the jest with spaghetti sauce names.  Ragu is a saucy wench.

My neighbor has, ahem shall I say psychological issues that are undiagnosed.  The spouse has told me that Ragu  has Munchhausen's Syndrome.  Well that would explain a lot.  The spouse, Dude, told me just last week with the baby alarm of "oh no cramps" that "she would pick now".  Poor Dude had to go to class and Ragu again set off false alarms.  Note that  Ragu claimed to be prego once before and it was a false prego.  But Ragu believed so much that it was a real baby that she had to miscarry it and so she did with all the pains that a real miscarriage would go through and I fell for it.  I've miscarried before and have a soft heart.  Dude told me that the doctor said it was a false pregnancy and basically it was all in her head.

I've been nice.  I've answered the emails begging me to bring over food and laundry detergent and pregnancy tests.  All with the "I'll pay you back on payday".  Same goes with dinner invites.  I've yet to see one of those promises fulfilled since the spouse came home and Ragu's "borrowing" started.

Yesterday Ragu got upset with my post and threatened me.  Ragu told me to stay away from her and Dude.  I'm fine with that.  However, if she threatens me again, this time face-to-face I'll have to report Ragu to the MP's.

Love how Ragu woke me up this morning by letting her dogs run over here under my window barking.  I know Ragu's dogs well enough by their bark now.  Do I have evidence that they were under my window?  Nope.  So I'm not calling it in.  If Ragu wants to be petty so be it.  I'm not going to hit the puree' button and ruin my life.

Ragu if you are reading this, well I truly feel sorry for someone like you.  There are services here on post that are more than willing to deal with your psychiatric issues but I am not one of them.

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