Monday, December 27, 2010

The Dog Bowl

image from Claydesign

This Christmas I was waiting for a very important package to arrive via UPS, Tracking The Last Package.  It finally arrived at 1900hrs but its late arrival made going to the party a no go for us at it was a long drive to get to the party destination.

After reading an excerpt from Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn to my husband, I decided to get him a dog bowl.  I looked at dog bowls from several different web sites.  Should I go with stainless steel or ceramic or should I just get him a hard plastic one were a few of the decisions I had to make.  I ended up getting him a microwavable, dishwasher safe ceramic bowl from Clay Design.  I'm sure that had I gotten him a stainless steel bowl with the word Fido on it he would have loved the joke.  But I decided that a ceramic one with the US Army crest and his last name on it would be a bit more practical.  My husband can eat as much as the character Jacob Black.  This dog bowl is just perfect.

So we brought the unopened carton with us.  He had no clue what was inside the box delivered by UPS except that he was going to like it.  He'd better like it after what I paid in shipping to get it here on time.

His family on this coast opens their gifts on Christmas Eve with all the friends invited who also exchange gifts.  The next day is family only gifts and a brunch.  We decided to exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve.  My husband opened up the box and everything got really quiet.  They knew we had missed one party they were having just because of this package.  Packing peanuts went flying as the box was tightly filled and compressed with them.  I'm rather glad they were in there even though they weren't rice but Styrofoam as the dish made it safely to its destination, my husband's hands.  He loved the gift.  I was happy.

The next day he brought  it over to the other side of the house for the family unwrapping to show those that didn't see it before what I had got him.  The black lab saw the dish and thought it was for him.  Perfect.  Now that a dog has approved of the gift my husband is sure to use it more.  In fact he stated he'd bring it into work just to eat his lunch out of the dog bowl.  I made a joke that if he's bad I'll get him a dog house next.

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