Friday, December 3, 2010

Race Against Time

I had my fertility appointment this morning.  The doctor was over forty minutes late in getting to us.  I was early because we actually found a parking spot without having to drive around for fifteen minutes.

My eggs aren't getting any younger.  At this point we are racing against time.  The specialist informed that though we are both fertile and even though I am far from hitting menopause my eggs are getting older.  He suggested right off the bat that we go IVF.  Tricare does not cover IVF.  So I asked him how much is the going cost per treatment now.  He said six to eight thousand per procedure.  Okay right now I could afford possibly one procedure.  There is also a one year waiting list at the present time.

I asked about the IUI.  He said that we could try a few rounds of that and it does have a good success rate.  The cost per IUI is two hundred dollars USD.  Its more in my price range.  Again Tricare does not cover that either.  Big problem is that our hospital is no longer allowed to do the IUI's at their clinic until the new clinic downstairs opens up.  Always something to impede the process.

The nurse gave me an instruction sheet and a business card with their phone number on it so that I can do the instructions properly.

Step 1- Call on start day of your cycle if this falls on a weekend leave a message on the nurse line or call the following business day.  (Basically you are screwed if it starts after their business hours on Friday as they aren't going to pick up until Monday.  0800-1600 M-F)

Step 2- An order will be placed  in the lab for a pregnancy test and your medication prescription will be available for pick up in the Pharmacy.  You must call the clinic and obtain your pregnancy test results before starting your prescription.  A home pregnancy test is not sufficient.

Step 3- Call 2 hours after taking your pregnancy test.  AT this time an ultrasound appointment will be made.  This is to monitor your response to the medication.  You must make your ultrasound appointment at the same time you call to obtain your pregnancy test results.  Do not start the script without this step.

Step 4- Start script on : Day 3 of your cycle unless otherwise directed by your physician.  Take __ tablet(s) each day for 5 days.

Step 5- After your UltraSound, depending on your response you may be instructed to use Ovulation Prediction Kits.  These may be purchased at any local drug store.  At this appointment you will be given further instructions by your doctor.

Step 6- Call the nurses line with a missed period or day 1 of next cycle for the next steps.  Your doctor will tell you if the script dose needs to be adjusted.

So if all goes well I'll get pregnant.

We are now taking the sex part out of making the baby with the IUI.  I'm going to get even more cranky with that fact.

Just remind me its worth it in the end, okay?  Please?  I really want a child of my own.  I want to be able to look into my child's face and try to figure out which parent it looks more like.  I realize having a child is truly a selfish act with so many babies out there needing to be adopted.  But I really want a baby.  This might be my last year being able to try.

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