Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tracking The Last Package

Ever notice how annoying it is to wait for something?  I swear waiting for this last gift to show up today is driving me crazy.  The parcel was scanned out for delivery from Fife, Wa at 3:36 A. M.  Yes early this morning.  Its now 1645 hrs.  Still no package.  Its like waiting for the cable guy to show up and install the cable.  I keep looking out the window every so often when I hear a heavy truck lumbering down the road.  I get fooled every time with so many moving vans going up and down my road this past week.

I ordered this particular item for my spouse on the 2nd of December and was informed it would take about 14 days to process the order and create it.  Okay I can deal with that.  After the 14 days were up I finally notified via my email that they were going to ship it.  What I didn't expect is that they said it would take 10 days to get here.  Its coming via UPS.  Normally I'm quite fine with that and have never had a problem with their service until I moved to this state.  My first Christmas season here we had snow and UPS refused to deliver the flowers my husband had sent to me on the day stated.  They arrived dead.  The amount of snow we had was next to nothing compared to what I'm used to NY.

So here I sit and wait, all day mind you, for this particular package.  Its a really important gift.  I ordered it well before the deadline for shipping.  I keep checking to make sure they didn't just bring it back to the warehouse and sign it back in.  That would really tick me off if they did considering I have places to be today still and might have to cancel my plans for the evening.  I'm not a party animal but there is a holiday party that we were supposed to go to this evening.

Its raining here, as per usual, there should be no delays in the package reaching its final destination.  But I'm having my doubts about this particular UPS crew.  With any luck it will be here in the next hour.

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