Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dental Check Up

Okay in just a few hours I have to go to the dentist.  This is not a doctor that I like to see at all.  Usually the dentist makes me cry with the pain they inflict.  As a child my mother would not let us get Novocain or any other anesthetic when we had our teeth drilled and filled.  My mom still does not get Novocain when she has dental work done.  Sick person!

I've been to a dentist in the local area here once.  I had a good review from my dentist who said I had several cracked fillings but that it were old and would hold for a while.  I figured that I'd call back, I had seen them in June, to get it done before my husband came home this past July.  But I never did call them back because I'm a big chicken when it comes to dental pain.

Time has passed and I got a notice in the mail that I need to have my next check up.  This time my husband will be with me when I go to the appointment.

My teeth are fine thank you very much.  I brush two times daily, I floss and use a mouthwash.  I also use the Sonicare toothbrush so that I know my teeth are getting cleaned properly.  Oh and besides using the manual floss I also have a Waterpik flosser.  I take care of my teeth because there are so very many diseases related to poor dental hygiene.

In my mind I'm a little child cringing in fear, curled up in the corner with my head down afraid of what is to come.  How do I get out of this one?  Its too late to cancel now as I'd get charged as a no-show.  Oh well, I just hope that they aren't brutal.

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