Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Poop!

Okay dog owners I'm getting rather sick and tired of your shit.  If you own a dog keep it on a leash.  I don't care if you are offended while reading this blog post or not.  You are violating the rules.

I'm pissed.  Darn right I'm really pissed off.  Two days ago my husband decided to add the outside decorations to the front of our house.  We don't have a dog.  We have leash laws on post for a good reason.   

My husband grabs an antique chair from inside the house, its over 200 years old and very sturdy.  I've had the particular chair for more than twenty years myself and my grandmother gave it to me.  I repainted the chair and took good care of it.  Sure its a child's chair and not an adult chair but sturdy none the less.

What happened next should not have happened.

So my husband brings it outside to stand upon but not before he first accidentally steps in dog feces on our front lawn.  It was a dry day but the dog excrement was yellow, fresh and near some leaves so it was camouflaged.  Need I tell you that the dog poo ended up on my antique chair before he noticed it was on his boot tread?  It also ended up on his uniform.

The chair and uniform are now cleaned up but the the fact remains that some low life trash in the neighborhood has been too lazy to take their pooch out for a walk on a leash and clean up after said pooch.  I picked up the excrement with a plastic bag and disposed of it properly in the trash.

Just this past week a responsible  dog owner was taking their dog for a turn about the neighborhood on a leash, mind you like they should, when someone else's dogs, running loose, pursued the responsible owner and his dog.

Here is your warning:  If I see any dog loose in the neighborhood I will call Animal Control.

I've mentioned my discontent in my blog before on this particular matter.  I've given fair warning, now I will follow through.

I'm only looking out for those I love.  What if my spouse had slipped in the dog excrement while mounting the chair and broken a limb to extent of having it go through the skin.  Exposed to dog excrement it would be an almost assured amputation.  Yes, its possible.  So I in my right when you violate the rules.  If you wanted to be so neighborly you would have followed the rules too and cleaned up after your dog and kept it on a leash in the first part.

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