Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here Birdy Birdy Birdy

Just got home from grocery shopping.  I bought more suet cakes, un-salted peanuts in the shell and wild bird feed for my feathered wild friend.  No sooner had I started to make lunch when I heard two thunks to my sliding glass door window in the dining room.  I look out and see two bird are stunned.

I go outside to take care of them when in swoops in a split second the reason for them hitting the window.  I have a raptor bird preying on my feeder friends.  Its just Nature but still it rather sucks.  The raptor was spotted and not much more than a blur as it did a touch landing on a little Junco and took off with it in its grasp.

I was able to get the other bird to relative safety.  Alas I couldn't save this little guy.  It was a male.  I held it in my hand as it died.  Massive concussion was my guess as one eye shut slowly in its death and the other stayed open.  It did shudder a little.  I felt so bad.  What could I do?  I've seen Juncos hit the glass before and I have stickers on the window so they don't hit it.  I've sat by them before in warmer weather watching to make sure they rouse themselves.  This little guy just didn't make it.

We placed him in a box after I let my husband hold him gently.  He's never held a bird before and wondered at how soft the are the feathers.  He said it feels more like fur.  I've held birds before because I once had a parakeet as a pet.  I miss Topper.  My mom named  the parakeet after the character from the old TV show called TOPPER.  There were also two movies about that character.

So now my husband has now put the Junco under the Fur tree with a few leaves covering it in the weak hope that it will somehow still recover.  Poor thing.  I still held out some hope for him but it just wasn't to be.  We made sure our hands were well washed as I know that some birds can carry diseases.  Not sure if lice is from birds but I'd rather not get it in any case.

I have a soft heart.  At times I think I love animals more than humans.

Well its time to go feed the Stellar Jays as the Juncos, Wrens, and Chickadees have plenty to still eat.  I guess the raptor does too right now.

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