Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis Season To Pack On Ten Pounds, Fa La La La La

This holiday season, carpal tunnel permitting, I'd like to try my hand at making Schneeballen.  I have a few recipes for the delicious treat I fell in love with while abroad.  If anyone has made it at home and has some advice for me feel free to help me out.

This week my spouse and I are going to build our first ever gingerbread house.  I've never made one before, and if he has it will still be our first as a couple.  My mother always figured they were a waste of food.  Well I still plan on eating this house that I helped to build.

The weekly treats for work will be made tomorrow.  I've made rice crispy treats a few times before, but not for his unit, this time I'm going to use fruity pebbles.  I think it will be a bit more festive than the rather plain yellowish ones.  Last week I made them gingerbread cake with lemon icing.

I can already feel the strain on my jeans waistline.  I'm on day two of my second round of clomid, the fertility drug.  I need a warning label attached someplace visible to my person, "warning hormonal female".  My ultrasound is scheduled for the 14th.  I have no idea when they will do the first of the IUI's.  I'd like the doctors to start on that this cycle but with the ob/gyn clinic still being under construction the fertility clinic is still on the third floor which means that they can't do the IUI's on site right now.  Ugh.

So I'm trying to keep calm about everything crazy in my life right now.  I'm taking an hour long soak at night with a book in hand.  Its the me time that I need so bad.

My husband passed his PFT this morning with 65 PU, 61 SU, and a 15:04 run time.  He was a little disappointed on his run and thought he could do better on the SU. (SU is situps and PU is push ups).  I think its great.  I mean I couldn't do that many in two minutes!  He has gained a bit back.  We'll have to watch his weight over the holidays.  He is now at 163 and prefers to stay in the 150's.  I won't mention how much I weigh except to say that I've put on about ten pounds since he got home almost five months ago.  Some of its from the fertility drugs two cycles ago which is unavoidable.

I keep reaching for my mouse on the right side of my computer today.  I switched it to the left.  Years ago while in college I put it on the left side so that I could type, click and take notes since I write with the right hand.  Today I switched it back because I had to put my right brace back on my right wrist.  Darn carpal tunnel.  I just hope my left one doesn't start acting up, I do have a brace for the left wrist too.  Crafting, cooking, baking, and typing tend to cause my flare ups.  I'm not giving up any of it so I'll just wear the braces as needed.  The swelling will go down again.

Two days left to this second round of antibiotics.  Hopefully soon my sinus infection will go away.  I'm not contagious, well maybe my crankiness is contagious but I get such horrid headaches I can't help but be cranky.  If anyone has ever had a sinus infection that is antibiotic resistant they'll understand the crankiness.  My teeth ache from the pressure.  On that note I have my six month check up at the dentist on the 29th.  So I'll be making sure its just the sinuses and not a cavity or cracked filling.  I'm taking care of me.  No one else is offering up the job of nurse and I have to get stuff done around here so its slow but steady until I'm back to normal, whatever normal might be.

Back to the baking ideas.  If any of you have suggestions for holiday dishes, including the main meal, I'd love to hear them.  If you have recipes and are willing to share, even better.

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