Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Favorite Snack Food

I have a new favorite snack food.  I've had it only once and would love to have it again.  I'm being good while J is away and trying to lose weight but these puff corn curls are just gnawing at my mind.  I think of them when I have the urge to snack.

What's so great about?  Well let me tell you.
I'll start with the nutrition information:

110 mg of sodium per serving and only 2.5 servings in the bag.  Since I'm limited to 1000 mg of sodium per day I could in theory, and actually have, scarffed down the whole bag in one day.

160 calories per serving, just another bonus in my book.

2 grams of protein per serving.
Warning though, if you are allergic to shell fish stay away from them as the protein in these is from shell fish.  

But the down side is the fat content.  Yes its a bit fatty with 8 grams of fat per serving.  But have you ever noticed that the stuff that tastes the best always has a higher fat content?

I was able to get my one bag of these delicious cheese corn puffs at World Market before J left.  I so wanted their cheese flavored Kettle "Crack" ( I meant corn but it gives you the munchies so we call it crack and no I've never had crack but its just a guess on my part that it would give you the munchies) but I had to make a substitution for an unknown to me product and I wasn't disappointed.  Another customer had pointed them out to me and said she loved them. 

World Market probably won't carry these for long as the cheese kettle corn was only for a limited time too.  I don't go to World Market often so next time I go most likely these cheese puff will be gone too.  They aren't even on the website under snack foods so yeah they probably were a one time buy.

Sighs...Anyone in Japan want to send me some snacks?  Just kidding, nope I'm not.  I'm hooked after one bag.


  1. Its a Japanese snack !!! Its been loved by Japanese for a long time! And i love it too:)

  2. May some Japanese reader stumble upon this post and ship you a case of your new favorite perfect snack food. Just my little wish for you...


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