Monday, August 8, 2011

Waiting For Some Good News

I've already had some bad news this morning so now I'm waiting for some good news.  I'd blog about the bad news when I'm allowed to talk about it.

Oh  good one of my doctor's just called me back.  Still I'm waiting but I have some good news to share now.  I've made it to the October IVF list.  YAY!

Now I just have to get put on birth control, take a five hour class and have a saline sonogram.  Oh joy!

I just had to ask the doctor why I'd be put on birth control if we are trying to get me pregnant.  She explained the best she could then said I'll find out more in the five hour class.  Since I get a lot of cysts the birth control will help quiet down my ovaries until they start injecting me with the hormones.

Yes this is going to be quite a long process of me getting poked, prodded, and needle stuck.  But that's just fine and dandy with me as long as the end result is a healthy baby.

My husband is already worried about me and can't believe the extremes I'd go through just to produce a child.  I guess he'll never understand since he gets the easy part.  Well the easy part isn't so easy because he won't get to share in the joy of the hormone changes and feeling the baby move.  Now I'm jumping ahead too far.

It might not work at all.  I might not be able to carry a child.  Age does affect everything.  Even if I do get pregnant it might not stay around to full term.

I'm high risk and I'm trying to do the impossible or so it seems at my age. 

I've got two more months to lose some weight and I'm trying hard.  Obesity is just one of the risk factors I have.  In the past 5 days since J left I've managed to lose 3 pounds.  Nothing to sneeze at I think.  I've got about 60 more to go.

We'll see where this journey takes me now.

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  1. Sorry about the bad news :(

    Glad you made it onto the October IVF list though! Hoping that things work out, keeping you in my thoughts. And maybe the focus on weight loss will help distract you from the upcoming IVF so you won't fret about it too much? It was a good distraction for me when we were on a break from fertility treatments. Hoping there are good things on the way for you.


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