Thursday, August 18, 2011

Money Makes Madness

Ever notice that money issues make people cranky?

I've known of more than one couple, J and I included in the distant past, who have had arguments over the bills.  I've known of couples that had such money troubles as to be the cause of their divorce.

Truly money is the root of all evil.  If we didn't have money though I'm sure we'd have something else used for exchange of goods and services.

More and more our government is asking for us to give up our income, savings, 401k, and other retirement programs because it cannot balance its own budget.  It wants what we have worked so hard to get.  So now our own country is going to bed hungry when it can find a bed to sleep in.

Last night I was watching the world news from two different channels.  Two times I saw a story about the poverty of America's children.  Okay we've known for quite a while that our children are suffering.   They are going without food and clothing and often without shelter too.

So why aren't we doing something about it?  Why do I see more ads for UNICEF, or Christian Children's Fund and so on where the money doesn't stay within our country but goes to other countries?

What happened to charity starts at home?

If we know we have a problem feeding, clothing, housing and getting medical for our own youth then why the heck are we farming out our tax dollars and spare change to feed other nations?

If we don't take care of our own American children we won't have a future.  A child that goes without proper nutrition won't grow in bone or brain.  We are in fact killing our progeny.

My thoughts now go to my readers.  If you were to see a child that was dirty, cold, tired, hungry, and in general going without would you stop to help out?  Or would you instead just give your money to a foreign country?

Yes, I'm angry.  I'm tired of the greedy government giving out our tax dollars to programs that don't have squat to do with our own country.

We need to rebuild America.  We need progress in the right direction.  We should get back to the basics and realize what we need and what we want then balance the needs against the wants. 

We need to take care of our own first.  No one should go to bed hungry unless they are trying to do so to lose weight.

Sorry about the rant.

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  1. Here here! I completely agree. IN fact, we had some other interesting discussions around our house last night. I'll share those some other time.



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