Monday, August 29, 2011

Dwarf And Dragon Birthday Cake

Close up view of the cake I made my husband for his birthday, which is today.  Can you see the dwarf?  He's protecting his stash of strawberries from the dragon.

I had such fun making this cake.  Its two layers of vanilla confetti cake with a layer of Oreo cream frosting in-between for filling.

I then made my own vanilla frosting to coat the sides and top of the cake.  The strawberries are from my own garden which makes them organic since I use no pesticides or any other bad crap.

I pulverized graham crackers for the dirt and added unsalted peanuts for stones.  The green grass is of course green frosting and the candles spell out "happy birthday".

I tried to make a moat around the dragon so that the dwarf would have some trouble trying to get to the dragon.  I don't want a killing spree on the cake!

I just hope that J doesn't mind me using some of his Dungeons and Dragon's figurines for his cake.

So tell me what you think?  Its been a few years since I've actually made and decorated a birthday cake...about 5 years to be more precise.


  1. That looks ace. I'm very envious, both of your husband for getting such a good cake and you for being able to decorate it like that! You should start your own business.

  2. I love this cake! You rock. Way to make my cupcakes look like the dookie in comparison. ;)


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