Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pain Of Reunion

I was up late last night and messed up my sleep schedule.  Oh, I had a good reason for doing so.  My husband came home last night and I had to go pick him up.

Though he wasn't gone for a full month it seemed like longer.  Now we have to re-adjust again.

I have actually forgotten how loud his snoring can get or the fact that he figures his part of the bed is the middle and he takes the covers with him.  Its okay though I've actually missed all that, well not the snoring part but the rest yes.

One thing I did forget was the pain.  Endometriosis for me means painful sex.  I enjoy the closeness which the sex brings us but I don't like the pain one bit.  Nor the bleeding and cramping after.  Its to the point that my husband is afraid to touch me because he doesn't want to cause me that pain and I need to reassure him that sometimes I'm willing to deal with the pain after if I can make our bond stronger.

There will come a day when hopefully they'll find a non-surgical cure for endometriosis.  Maybe then more of my endo buddies will still be able to have children because they didn't have to surrender their reproductive organs to this disease.

I'm still in pain this morning.  The cramping has yet to subside.  Maybe some yoga later will help with the pain.

I'm thankful that my husband is home safe.  I'm thankful that I have the next couple of months with him to hopefully create our own child through IVF.


  1. Endo sucks and I am so sorry it affects so many aspects of your life xoxo

  2. Love that positive outlook. Have faith. I believe good things are in store. And count your blessings. Sam talks,snores, and fights in his sleep...kicking and punching. It's a rude awakening.


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