Friday, August 12, 2011

Fried Or Baked....

Either way it hurts.  Yesterday I had a day of fun in the sun, a little too much sun, with my bestie S and her kids.  I was wearing a tank top, shorts, jewelry and sunglasses but no sun block.  It was there and within reach but did I put the sun block on?  Nooooo.  Now I'm paying for it.

You can see the outline of my necklace in this photo of my front.  You should see my legs!  OUCH!  Oh wait I took a photo of that too.  My arms are also burnt.

Downward view of my legs, not very flattering but you can see the burn.  I was wearing flip flops and you can tell by the white lines.

Yeah I wasn't too bright yesterday but now I glow pink.  I took a cool bath with five black tea bags then smoothed on some A& D ointment.  I put more of the ointment on today too. 

I still have to go outside later today and water the lawn.  No sunscreen in the house.  Guess I should put it on my grocery list.  At least S remembered to bring some yesterday to the water park.

Maybe I should get a few more callouses as those were the only things that didn't burn on my legs!  I'm going to have one weird looking tan when J gets back.  I'm sure he'll look at me a bit odd for being such a dummkopf.   I made sure he packed sun block but I totally forgot to buy myself a tube.  Grrrr....

My face isn't too bad, just my lips and nose got burnt.  I was wearing my face cream that had a 30 spf and my lip balm that had a 15 spf.  I guess three hours in the sun was a bit much for even those. 

Will I ever learn?  Maybe.  But we don't get much sun here in WA so sunscreen isn't something I think of daily except for what is in my face cream.


  1. It seems that summer isn't complete without at least one good sunburn. Hope yours doesn't sting for too long! I have had good results from pumping ibuprofen (good for reducing pain and inflammation, so there ya go) if you can take it.

  2. Youch, that looks painful! Hope it heals up fast.


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