Thursday, August 11, 2011


This morning I have a mammogram appointment.  Yup its that time of year again to get my boobs squished.

Because I have such large breasts the testing takes even longer and the longer it is the more painful it is.  I've had the tech be annoyed at me, this was NY, and say that they are too large so she has to take more views. 

So not only do they get squished singly, they get squished together in the middle of my breast bone so that they can get better shots.

You'd think that the tech would at least offer me a cookie for being a good sport,  especially after playing with my milk bags.

Thinking back to NY, I had one doctor refuse to allow me to have a nurse in the room.  This wasn't an Army doctor, they know better.  This guy had me strip to the waist and put on a paper gown top while he was out of the room.  When he came into the room he ripped the paper top down the front and proceeded to exam my breasts.  I told my husband all about it after.  I refused to see that doctor ever again.  Just think, he was recommended by someone too, makes me wonder what my friends were thinking when they suggested this doctor.

So yes, its off I go to the hospital today for my yearly mammogram.  I'm a bit anxious too.  The only consoling thought is knowing that later today I get cake.  My bestie, S, is having a party for her son.  I love her kids, her and cake.  Maybe I'll get to pet her dogs too.

Good news, my Pap Results came back.  "Normal Pap Test, Absent Endocervical Component".  I've no clue as to why they couldn't get the endocervical component, I was ovulating not pregnant.  With a retroverted uterus the well woman visit wasn't comfortable and I wonder if that lead to the absence of the endocervical component.  That or they just weren't good at the scraping.

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