Thursday, August 4, 2011

Resting And Relaxing

I'm tired.  More than a week of being sleep deprived has ruined my already fragile immune system.  Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mean that I get sick easily and it takes quite a while to get better.  However, now that I'm alone I doing way more than I should.  No I can't call a respite care worker.

Why no to the respite care worker?  Well they've re-vamped the program and I no longer qualify for care.  Okay such is life.  I detest someone using me just to get a paycheck anyway.

I'm still cranky.  It took forever to fall asleep last night.  I still have dark circles under my eyes and my under eye cream is working overtime to try to lighten them.  Its failing of course.

My throat is sore, my nose is stuff, my head is stuffed and achey to the point that I had a migraine last night.  My chest is congested and I've been coughing.  Yes, I've wrecked my immune system all because I got stressed out.  Give me a week or two and I'll feel better.  Good thing I've got groceries and stamps on hand.  Stamps so that I can write to my husband.  Groceries are more obvious.  Still I should get in the car and drive it a bit so that the tires don't go flat.  Maybe in a day or two.  For now it can sit there.

I spent four hours on the lawn last night.  We, our neighborhood, finally got notice that the construction is almost complete and we can start watering our lawns once again.  The sod that was put down is now curling up and dried out.  My front lawn is brown.  So today I'll be back at it.  After it gets mowed on the green spots on Friday I'll be back out there with fertilizer and seed.  Not much use for the moss out right now as the rain has stopped for almost a week.

I did dream a bit last night.  I remember two dreams involving a fluffy grey kitten.  I guess I really want a kitten bad.  But because we are still trying to conceive a cat is just not in the picture.  No one to change the litter box.

Well I need to get back to the salt mine.  I'm still working on that blanket for charity.  All the handwoven yarn squares are now sewn together.  I'm down to the crocheted edge on the queen sized blanket.  Not much longer now.  I'll rest more when I'm dead.  Just kidding.

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  1. Ugh, I hope you feel better. Summer colds suck :(


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