Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diet Of The Mind

Today is the day that I'd normally be making cookies for the soldiers at the COF but since most are gone, like my J, I won't be making them for a while to come.  Still I could make them for me, but why bother?  They would just be a big temptation sitting in my cookie jar.

I've been taking care of me this past week, the first week that J's been gone.  I've shucked off the stress, or most of it at least, and I've gone back to eating three meals a day.  Okay so today I've yet to get the chance to eat breakfast but I will in a few as soon as I've finished my blog.  But I did at least have a large glass of orange juice to break the fast so far.

This week I've not been dieting.  Seriously, I've been eating everything I want.  Funny how I've now lost exactly 5 pounds in the time that J has been gone.  Why is it that every time he leaves I lose weight?  Before I met him I was a size 8 which isn't bad for a gal of my height.  Right now I'm a size 16.  Yeah I gained that much living with the man I love.  Love is fattening I guess.

This week I've eaten 1 pound of pasta, a 9x9 inch pan of Cinnabon cake, 4 Hershey's bars, 4 bags of veggies in sauce, 1/2 can of unsalted peanuts, 6 ounces of pepper jack cheese, 1/2 gallon of orange juice, 3 cans of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, 1 1/2 packets of Ritz crackers, 1 jar of fat free Kraft Mayo (for the pasta), 1/2 lb. pound of Healthy Ones Honey Ham, 1/2 lb of swiss cheese, pizza, and endless glasses of water.  So how did I lose all the weight?

I have no clue.  It certainly wasn't exercise.  I haven't exercised yet.  I've puttered about the house doing the normal house work but with the addition of watering the lawn almost daily nothing has changed in my routine.   The only thing different is that J isn't here.

Could it have been his stress with his doom and gloom mood that was causing me to gain weight?  I had put on almost 10 pounds in the week before he left here.  Its not unheard of, I've done that before.  So yes its possible I guess.  But I'd hate to blame him for the weight gain.  Funny but he lost weight the week before he left.  I know about water in osmosis but can fat do it too?  Can sleeping in the same bed with your spouse make you gain the weight they are losing?  If so I want twin beds!

Okay well if any of you can figure out why I've lost 5 pounds without trying let me know.  Hopefully I can keep this up as I'd like to lose 60 pounds.  15 more pounds off and I'll give myself a treat.  I figure every 20 pounds lost deserves some sort of treat like; shoes, purse, earrings, clothes, or a book.

I'm thinking that most of this dieting is in my head.  Now that I'm more relaxed my cortisol levels are going back to normal.  That means weight loss.  Stress is always fattening.  The hard part is getting rid of the stress I have in my mind.  I just need to keep my mind on other things and not what is coming around the corner that I have no control over.  Just let it go I tell myself.

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  1. I can never quite figure out why I put on or lose weight. Fair enough if I'm on a sustained diet, but at other times weight comes and goes for no apparent reason.


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