Sunday, August 28, 2011

Putting On The Polish

I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleased with my progress.  I won't make the 5 pound goal this week but I'm still headed in the right direction.  So to continue to lose the weight I'm adding extra effort to my house cleaning this weekend. 

Yesterday I moved furniture, vacuumed and mopped the floors.  I spent 2.5 hours on the lawn care and did some light cooking.  Today I'm again moving some furniture around so that I can polish it up.  It needs the furniture polish bad.  My bird's-eye Maple furniture is so parched I've now gone over it twice with the solution.  Next room to go is modern 50's furniture from my grandmother.  Two more rooms after that of furniture, mostly antiques and I'll be done.  I've already changed out the linens in bed and bath and have one load now in the washer.  Oh and its barely 1030 hrs here.  I've been busy.

Still I need to bake that cake.  It will get done.  Tomorrow is an easy day planned for me.  I'm putting off the cleaning of bathroom until tomorrow because I'm doing the furniture today.  With fibromyalgia I still need to pick and choose carefully what I plan to do with the spoons I have in my drawer.  Maybe you'll recall my posting about the spoon theory, maybe not?  But I don't want to wear myself out so that I'm too tired to do squat the next day.

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  1. I am so proud of you and your weight loss efforts. I've been walking and doing Pilates. Does that count? It doesn't show, believe me.


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