Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What My Gynecologist Didn't Know

Last month when I had my well woman appointment, at my local Army hospital, my husband and I discussed various things of importance to us with my male gynecologist.  I was surprised to learn that my gynecologist didn't know that the uterus elevates and contracts much as would the human male penis.

"The process of orgasm in females is basically similar to that in males.  It is a series of rhythmic muscular contractions of the orgasmic platform.  The contractions generally occur at about 0.8 second intervals; there may be three or four in a mild orgasm or as many as a dozen in a very intense, prolonged orgasm.  The uterus also contracts rhythmically, with the contractions moving in waves from the top of the uterus down toward the cervix.  Other muscles, such as those around the anus, may also contract rhythmically."  Janet Shibley Hyde PhD., Understanding Human Sexuality, 3rd edition p.204

How did he get through med school without learning something I learned in my freshman year of college?  I pulled the diagrams directly from one of my textbooks. 

I'm not a doctor by any means but I've taken a lot of science classes.  This concerns me greatly that my own gynecologist would be so ignorant. 

I'm also wondering if many of the male gynecologists decide that a woman should have a total hysterectomy without giving consideration to the role the uterus, cervix and ovaries play in a woman's sexual response.  I come from a family of women that have had to have hysterectomies or so they were told.  Now that I think back I wonder if some of their female reproductive parts were just yanked out to save time.  My mom didn't have cancer, she did have fibroids in her uterus.  She was told after they took her uterus that in a few years they'd have to take her ovaries because of a possible risk.  She didn't care she said since she was done with child bearing.

Well whether or not a female is done with child bearing is no good reason to take out the reproductive organs.  Would a male who is done with child bearing opt to have his reproductive parts removed?  Would a doctor even recommend the removal of the male reproductive parts if he had say a cyst on one of his testes?

I plan on keeping all my reproductive parts as long as they don't become cancer ridden or need to be removed to save my life.

I wonder, how many of you have had to have your reproductive organs removed and how has it changed your sexual response?


  1. It's scary what some gyns don't know. I wonder too about people have unnecessary procedures done. I've seen women get yanked around on the forums (especially the PCOS ones I frequent) and their doctor's ignorance astounds me.

  2. Answer to sexual response.....I have had a hyserectomy with my uterus and cervix removed with some reconstructive surgery to reconstruct my vagina. I still have my ovaries but they are barely working. I dont take hormones due to side effects and risks. I can say since hysterectomy my sex drive has gone up and I have had no problems. I can say I absolutely love not having a period since they were a problem. It is amazing how stupid some doctors really are! Makes you wonder where they got their license at.

  3. I've heard others mention that their sex drives have gone up once the pain factor is removed. However, I'm still wondering how it affects the orgasm itself. Has the intensity of it changed after the hysterectomy? Its not something my mother felt comfortable talking about.


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