Monday, August 1, 2011

Lack Of Sleep Continues

I've been trying for nights now to get to sleep, stay asleep, and awake refreshed.  For the past five days I've been living off of an average of 3 hours of sleep a night.  I doubt that I have to mention that I'm short tempered because of it.

Saturday night, all was quiet in the neighborhood which is unusual for a pay day weekend.  Usually there are parties in a few houses on the street.

But...okay there was one disturbance.  I was still awake as I mentioned in Up All Night until 0221 hrs when I figured I was suitably tired enough to actually sleep.  My life has been a bit of a mess of late and a lot is on my mind of which I'd love to discuss with my friends but only a few are privy to what the mess is about at this point in time.

My neighbors across the street that moved in just two months ago, had gotten loud and were probably drinking.  Its now 0300hrs and I'd like to sleep.  I ask my spouse to get dressed and speak with them nicely about lowering their voices since they were outside.  Why they all of a sudden decided to move their party to the out of doors is beyond me.  For several hours they were very understanding of the rules here on post to keep it to a low volume.  J speaks with them, they apologize.

0400 hrs, they have successfully moved the party inside, or so I thought and their one visitor has gone home. 

insert a SCREAM here.  A loud female scream.  I get dressed.  I grab my heavy flashlight and walk across the street.  As I approach their breezeway the husband comes out and says he is leaving.  The wife follows and starts to get abusive verbally to her husband.  I said that I came over to find out if everyone is okay as I heard a female scream.  She tells me he is leaving and not coming back.  Okay sure I think, great.

I go back across the street to my own house.  Our homes are single family dwelling.  The soldiers are under a lot of stress right now for reasons I'm not able to mention.  Heck even J and I have had arguments on how we are going to handle our situation at hand.  Not screaming matches.  Not fist fights but arguments nonetheless.

J watches out our front door window at what is going on across the street.  We are being on alert in case we need to call 911 if they are getting out of hand.  Seriously, I don't like domestic violence.  However, I think that raised voices do not constitute domestic violence but, the state of Washington does and that makes it even worse for the families here on post.  I just wanted to make sure that no slaps, punches, or killings were going to be going on if I could help prevent it.  I told J that if I heard her scream again I would go over again to ask if they needed to be separated for a bit to think more clearly.  Sometimes you need someone to talk to, especially a stranger that will understand the lifestyle of the military.

No, I'm not a busy body.  But I do think that with what is going on right now that a lot of the families are under a great amount of stress.  I'd rather not have a homicide on my street.  I'd rather not see a soldier's career ruined because he or she didn't find a better outlet for their stress.

There is nothing at all wrong with asking another person if they want to go for a walk IF it just helps defuse the situation though with some folks it will just make them more angry.  I know I often go for a walk when I can't rationally deal with something or someone at that immediate moment.

So last night, after several days of messed up sleep, my sleep cycle has changed leaving me with the inability to get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning.  I'm now up until 2, 3 or 4 am before I even attempt to go to bed.  Its got to change soon.  I'm too cranky piloting my schedule on only 3 hours of sleep.  However I might get that chance to change my sleep schedule next week.  We'll see.

Oh and hopefully Equity will show up soon today to fix the spray hose on the kitchen sink and the fence gate.  Maybe I can get them to figure out why the bathroom sink is making dripping noises in the pipe, not the faucet.  My spouse, when he called in the repairs, forgot to mention the bathroom sink.  So we'll wait and see.

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