Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fattening Up the Calves

I posted a grey preemie baby hat in my shop this morning.  I think it is quite fitting since it is a grey kind of day.

We are due for some rain.  My pulled groin muscle twice more this week, including last night, reminded me that I'm moving too fast and too often.  All I did was make dinner from scratch last night.  Who would have thought standing that long would have irritated the injury.

Because the standing my calves are swelling up.  I have put on two pounds this week.  Too much sodium in my diet.  I can't believe that I have gained 16 pounds this year.  I swear all I have to do is look at a cracker, potato chip, or the salt grinder and my calves swell.

Speaking of swelling.  Okay yes, I'm complaining today.  Is that any different than usual?  Perhaps that is why I don't have over 100 followers?  I found out last night when J and went to hug and kiss upon his arrival home last night that my left side of my jaw line hurts.  I checked it out and my left gland is swollen.  I followed up the palpation by an oral exam with flashlight and sure enough the tonsil is sticking out into my throat quite a bit.  Ah damn, the head cold is winning.

post nasal drip
tender breasts  (PMS)
minor cramping of and on (PMS)

AF should be here just in time for my trip to San Juan.  Lovely.

Think I'll go watch some television today while I crochet and just wallow in my misery.  I hate head colds especially while other parts of me are injured.


  1. Ah, I wish you could catch a break. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks. I'll give it a few more days.

  2. Oof! There's nothing worse than a head cold. Unless, of course, it's a head cold complicated by a pulled groin. Sounds awful. I hope you found some time to rest.

    1. Wishing they could just knock me out and I'll wake up pregnant and healthy.


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