Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today we picked out our pumpkins and now I'm trying to pick out glasses on line.

Earlier today we went out to a local farm where we purchased out pumpkins last year and purchased two more for this year's decorating.  We'll be carving them over the weekend. No real rush since it's raining all day today.

J loves pickled beets so I picked up a jar for him at the pumpkin place along with a pie pumpkin.  Yes, this will be the first year since I was kid that I actually make pumpkin pie from scratch.  J turned to me when I bought the pumpkin for the pie and said, "did I tell you that I love you today?".  He can't believe that I'm going to make a pumpkin pie from scratch.

Yes, I've been spoiling him a bit of late.  This week I made a beef roast braised in port.  Last night it was lasagna and soon there will be fresh pumpkin pie.  I'm really trying to make this part of my cycle more pleasant for him.

Now as for the glasses, I've narrowed my selection down to 9 frames.  I'm not too keen on the rim-less bottom glasses for fear of the nylon cording stretching out and the lens falling out.  But we'll see what I decide on soon.  If the price is right I'll soon have two new pairs of single vision glasses.  I'm not one for the fancy frames, I'm more of the matte black metal type of gal.  I used to go through the plastic frames like kleenex in high school.  Volleyball and plastic frames do not mix.


  1. Good luck picking out glasses! And on making the pumpkin pie. I bet it will be delicious! I made my first pumpkin pie from canned pumpkin this year, usually I just buy a frozen one from the store and bake it... when I left the next I really only knew how to make a few things, so even basic things can be an adventure for me! I can't imagine making one totally from scratch. I bet it will be amazing though since everything will be so fresh :)

    1. Remind me to share the recipe when I make the pie. I was thinking of making it tomorrow for J since Monday is going to be a rest day for me after the IUI.


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