Friday, October 26, 2012

High Hopes

Today is CD 11.

I had my appointment with the REI clinic this morning. 

I have good news.

I will be giving myself a trigger shot sometime tomorrow night.

IUI will be on Monday.

I'm just waiting for the phone call from the scheduling nurse.

I'll be starting the endometrin on Wednesday.

By the way I have two follicles.  16 mm on the right and an 18 mm on the left.  Or vice versa.  Again two follicles, both ovaries natural cycle.  Now I just have to hope that I'll get a good egg out of this.  I have more hope because it is taking me longer to ovulate with anything being past CD11 representing better quality eggs than before.

I'm in the window.  Excited.  Happy.  Hopeful.

Wish us luck!


  1. Oh, that's AWESOME! Thinking positive thoughts and hoping for you!

    Thanks for the comment today! It was for a blocked tear duct that's been causing eye infections. It went very well, I'm going to post a follow up post :)

    1. Hoping all goes well with his surgery.

  2. Good luck! So exciting to have a plan :)

    1. Really hoping that it works this time.


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