Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Calling It

My throat is sore.  J and I both took a look at it this morning and it is raw with swollen tonsils.  This makes what?  3 or 4 days of this?  If I still have it when I get back from San Juan I'll make an appointment to get it looked at.

I'm feeling quite miserable.  I really watched my food intake yesterday and some how I gained back 0.6 pounds of the 2 pounds I lost in two days.  It had to be the low sodium nuts.  I ate half a can and at 45 mg per serving and 4.5 servings I guess my body decided to revolt.  I knew I was sodium sensitive but not that sensitive.

I can still lose weight easily enough if I just watch the sodium.  I can eat piles of junk food as long as the sodium content is low.   My doctors do know about this problem with my body.  It is most likely the reason why I have high blood pressure.

This cycle, however well the doctor said it was quite promising, is at its end.  I've started spotting.  The kind of spotting that any gal who has endometriosis can associate with a new cycle getting ready to start.  I always start spotting a few days before it starts.

I even started to pass small brown clots.  I can only guess how horrifying this new cycle will be when it starts fully.  I have a 12 mm lining to shed.  I've already started with some cramping.

I guess I might as well get the HCG test done tomorrow.  Nurse J never puts me in for the beta type she just puts me in for the qualitative yes or no blood test.  When I call for the results I'll schedule a mid cycle ultrasound to see what is going on again.  Well I hope at least they haven't written me off yet and will allow me to have the mid cycle test.  I'll ask if I can chat about options.  I need to keep my options open.  I need to know where this is going.

Nurse J is also the one that never gives me wipes or a paper to clean up after the ultrasound.  Nurse J is not a nice nurse.

Oh and some how I lost a follower overnight.  Lovely.  Just when I need the support.


  1. I am very sorry that this cycle was not ment to be... I really hope that its a light flow through your trip; or that its super heavy all at once!

    Sorry about you losing a follower! I know what you mean about losing people right when you need their support the most. Its sooo unfortunate. I think life works that way because God wants to remind us to lean on him.

    I know I said this before, but i just get so angry that I want to say it again,..... NURSES LIKE J

    Super sucky about the sodium. I am a salt-a-holic!

    1. Funny how I ate more last night but avoided salty foods and lost the 0.6 pounds I gained. I love salty foods but I have to almost avoid them like they'll kill.

  2. Thinking of you today. What a bad nurse also. I would ask next time to use her shirt if she doesn't feel the need to give you anything.

    1. Before I can even ask she is out the door. I have ended up using the paper drape more than once and it isn't all that soft to use on that area.

  3. I want to slap Nurse J, really, have some bedside manor compassion, she sounds like the nurse I dealt with back during my First miscarriage... my Nurse told me if was my fault I got pregnant so soon after having an ectopic that it could be the reason I'm losing the baby.... Really retard it's called a Blight ovum... She was fired a few months later I found out...
    Hence why I'm going to school for Nursing... I care.
    I'm sorry you had such a shitty week....
    Oh and to answer your question about the "drug Free" cycle - I was completely drug free - for this cycle, then I peed on the stick and saw the positive and decided to start progesterone and then a few day later my Doc started baby aspirin. So it was mostly drug free and then I decided I needed that safety net.

    1. I asked if I could go on progesterone this time and Nurse J again said no. I felt it implant. Two days after she said no the symptoms disappeared. I can't help but wonder if it would have made it if they would have just listened to me and saw that my progesterone levels were borderline low.

      Reported Nurse J to her superiors yesterday. Nurse J is an LPN while the other nurses are RNs and her superiors at that.

      Friday I'll be picking up my meds for a medicated cycle. Not sure what they'll be giving me but I know it won't be clomid.

      I'm really happy for you Ali. I hope that all goes well in your pregnancy. You deserve some happiness.

  4. Thank you!!! I'm hopping this works for you... I'm sorry she is such a bitch! And to not offer drugs for peace of mind, it does no harm!!! Ughhh, I'm sorry!

    1. Well they decided to not offer the medications after all when I had to speak with Nurse J on the phone today. No clue what is going on.


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