Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Special Order

Yesterday I received my first request for a special order in my shop.  I was so delighted that this woman picked my shop.  I crafted all day yesterday and posted the booties today.

She requested a size I had yet to make in the booties, 9-12 months for her little girl.  After posting a photo of the finished project she agreed to purchase them and was very excited.

Okay so my blogging grammar and lexicon are diminishing of late.  Maybe my brain is getting tired?  I'll try to work on sharpening my brain skills so that I have better quality posts and no so many rants.

BTW, Nurse M called me back yesterday afternoon before I headed out for my dental appointment.  I spoke with her about Nurse J's rude behaviour and she said that she'll have a talk with her.

I'm to call on the first day of my next cycle and pick up my meds on Friday.  Yay! or should I say Boo!  Well I know that the hormone roller coaster is about to begin once again but J and I came to an agreement to do more medicated cycles and IUIs.  He truly does want a child and until we know if he can re-enlist donor eggs are on the shelf.

The fact that I know I had one of the the two eggs fertilize and implant, good old leftie, kind of sealed the deal with us.  I told Nurse M that I realize no one is likely to believe me about the implant but I had the symptoms for two days and they disappeared with the progesterone dropping.  Hopefully Nurse M can convince the doctor to allow me to use progesterone for two reasons.  First it will help ease the symptoms of the endometriosis and two it will help the embryo stay put.

Heading out in a few hours for my little trip to San Juan.  I'll post photos as soon as possible.  Maybe some tomorrow if I can steal J's cam and laptop away from him.

Wishing all of my followers a happy day.


  1. really cute booties! I am glad that you were able to get things straightened out with the clinic. Have fun on your trip!

    1. Thanks Toni. I think that this trip might be what J and I need right now.

  2. I am sooo jelly of you two! I really wish that I will have what you two have :D I can not wait to go on some trips with my lil boy.

    Great news that you got to talk to someone other than Nurse stupid face! I really hope that you got that Rx.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. Now here is hoping that she actually purchases the item.


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