Tuesday, October 23, 2012

San Juan day 3 and the Review

I had to make J pose like this in front of the lime kilns at Roche Harbor Resort.  I saw some females doing just this pose two days before and it was rather fun to mock them.
I expect for what we paid for the room for two nights to have a clean room.  Not have black mold growing in the shower.
Call me picky I don't like finding trash in the chairs where the maids didn't clean up after the former tenants.
Trash on the floor near the light that wasn't working.  We probably wouldn't have noticed the trash there if we hadn't of been trying to get the lamp near the couch to actually work.

Oh hey this is a cool cabinet I'll check to see what is in it.  I find the pull out bed, a huge spider that scurried off and more trash.

The fridge only froze things.  Can you see the ice build up?
Inside our room were several cobwebs with bugs hanging in them.

Nice huh?

When I got into the toilet room there was only 1/4 roll of toilet paper on the cylinder and no spare rolls.  J had to call and get some delivered.

Next day we went out and they didn't clean the room before 1400 hours and when they did they still didn't vacuum nor make the bed.  They did replace the towels and soaps.  Big deal.
When we checked out we complained.  They offered us a lunch coupon at the cafe and we said no thanks.  The cafe they work with isn't the best food in town.  I think MREs are much more tasty than the stuff served in the cafe.

Thoroughly disappointed with the Roche Harbor Resort.  I would not recommend the place to anyone unless they were only sight-seeing not staying over.

We ate at both the Lime Kiln Cafe and the McMillian house restaurant.  The first was over priced and lacking flavor except for grease.  The McMillian cafe was over priced but did have flavor so that was worth it in a pinch on a Tuesday night after a long day of sight-seeing.

I would like to go back and visit the island once again but I won't be staying at Roche Harbor again unless their living conditions change for the better.

Here are a few more photos of why I wouldn't stay there unless they fix some issues:
The paint is peeling up above the light socket in the bathroom.
Painted over rotting boards on our deck.  Is that really safe?
Cracked tile in the heated flooring near the tub.  Oh that really makes me want to stand there with wet feet.

Even at our discount rate we still paid with tax over $300 for the two nights there.  Maybe this sounds harsh but I've had better accommodations at less pricey places; think chain motels.

There is my rant review of Roche Harbor Resort.  It is a nice place to sight-see but I wouldn't recommend staying there under these conditions. 
When we checked out we took some of the trash from the room that was there when we got there, the stuff from the chair and floor, and put it in the housekeeping tip envelope and presented it to the check out clerk.  That is when she said we should have reported it before.  Well we did call and complain the room was not clean the day before.  Guess it went unnoticed when the clerk on duty on Wednesday said they were short staffed.  We were offered a compensation of Lunch at the Lime Kiln Cafe as I said earlier.  Not unless it comes with a roll of Rolaids for dessert was my thought that I didn't share.


  1. I would definitely expect a little more for $150 a night. Not fond of mold in the shower..... I hope otherwise you guys had a good time and were able to relax.

    1. Oh we had a really good time out side of the room. Wore myself out with all the walking. Oh and I did decide to publish two reviews to the proper websites about this place. I'm sure that they will fix things when money starts coming back in but now I'm wondering if they even tried to clean our room at all before we took possession of it for the two nights.

  2. EW EW EW! Thats gross! Good thing that your vaca was all about site seeing. TEE HEE I am one of those people who poses in front of things on vacas :D

  3. Seriously? This is awful. So sorry you had to stay for all of this. Happy ICLW!!


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