Thursday, October 4, 2012

Roasting The Chickpeas

I listed this 3-6 months size baby hat in my shop this morning.  I'm still busy making preemie to newborn size hats and will move on to the next size up soon.  I still need to make more booties too.  Winter is coming and I want to be prepared for sales.  Hoping to get more sales soon too. 

I did make a few sales last month and I'm still waiting to get feedback.  I'm terrible about doing feedback on other sites so I shouldn't complain too much about not getting it either.  But with ETSY it's a bit different because if you don't have many sales or much in feedback buyers feel like it's a big risk to buy from you.  So when I make purchases on ETSY, and I do, I always make sure to leave feedback as soon as possible.

I started adding in Canadian shipping fees today.  Hopefully that will draw in more sales.  I can't believe how much the cost of shipping has gone up since I first started my shop in 2006. 

Now to the blog title today.  I'm at this very moment roasting chickpeas in my oven.  I've made them before and J loved them.  Today they are going to be my lunch.  Instead of using olive oil I decided to use extra virgin coconut oil.  Did you know that coconut oil helps speed up your metabolism?  I've lost a pound in a day with using it in my cooking.  So that is my dirty little secret to weight loss. 

Not sure just how much of anything I'll be able to get done today.  After J's lunch I have to head over to the hospital for optometry.  I'm hoping for good news.  I have calcification of the optic nerve.  I really am hoping that it hasn't progressed.  It's bad enough that I have cataracts.  Yes, I know poor little me.  Not really.  I manage just fine.

Think I'll check on the lab and see if it will be open on Monday.  Monday is Columbus Day here or Canadian Thanksgiving up in Canada.  Since I have Canadian heritage we always celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with all the trimmings along with the American Thanksgiving when I was a kid at home.  Talk about weight gain starting early.

While I'm at the hospital I'll also stop by the RE clinic and make sure that they have put in the lab order so that I don't have to run around between the lab and the clinic waiting for the computer to send the order err...I mean the nurse to send the request order to the lab.  They are short handed at the RE clinic these days.


  1. how is the endo diet working? Is it helping you?

    1. It seems to be helping the egg production. Still in pain but I'm not giving up everything as the alternative foods are too expensive. Not liking the wheat bread substitutes all that much.

    2. Well it is good news that it is helping a lil though right? I always LOVE diet changes as a solution vs medication. But that is just me.

  2. I do love chickpeas. Particularly with chorzio, although that's not very healthy! I was going to ask about your overseas shipping, your stuff is lovely.

    1. First-Class Mail® International Parcel**More info about First-Class Mail® International Parcel**
      Maximum Value for Contents: $400.00
      Other than rolls: Max. length 24", max length, height and depth (thickness) combined 36"
      Rolls: Max. length 36". Max length and twice the diameter combined 42"
      Varies by destination
      This is the information for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. directly from

      So it is a bit pricey. If there is something that you are really interested in let me know and I'll mark it for you alone with your shipping country only. I used to ship to the UK all the time before I shut down my shop to move out here. I think it is just outrageous what they charge to ship a package these days.

    2. I#ve been meaning to reply for ages. Thanks. Shipping is sooo expensive :(. I was going to suggest a swap, but my knitting is appalling and it would be like sending you an old banger for a Ferrari. Durr! Let me think...


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