Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I added this 4th ID key chain to my shop this morning.

I've been having some really odd dreams.  I think that maybe it's because of the flu shot I had on Monday.

Early this morning, just before the alarm woke me at 0430 hrs I was dreaming about sleep.  Odd I know.  I was dreaming that I was sleeping on an Army cot and that someone was complaining about all the choppers.  I live on post right behind the helipad.  I'm used to the sound of aircraft.  When I woke up in that dream I was in another dream trying to find a comfortable place to sleep in a furniture warehouse.  No one would let me sleep until I picked out a sheet set.  I finally picked out a really bizarre but colorful sheet set with peacocks picked out in white with gold and silver outlines against a purple, turqoise and teal backdrop.  Kind of like the peacock colors had bled out of the bird.

I had troubles getting to sleep last night.  J and I went to bed at 2030 hrs. He was tired and I was too.  But I could only sleep for two hours before I was back up again.  I finally got back to bed at 0315 hours.

I wonder if that is the reason why I lost 1.2 lbs.  Not enough sleep?  Usually that just crashes my metabolism.

On the two week wait.  No clue when it actually started so I have no clue if the pain I have is just the endometriosis or something else.  Most likely it's the endometriosis.


  1. what a werid dream! :D I wonder what it means? Maybe you not being able to sleep until you pick out the sheets is your mind saying, we need a decision to fully relax! ?

    Here is thinking goood thoughts for your 2ww!!

    1. During ovulation I get really clumsy. Right after ovulation I start with my vivid dreaming. So I guess my brain is telling me that I'm finally in the two week wait.

      I love all colors but the colors in a peacock are so cheery. Odd that my peacocks were white in the dream with the background fabric colors being of the peacock.

  2. Endo is stupid! GRRRR! I had a dream the other night I drove to my sisters house and fell asleep on a bench. I had a dream inside that dream and when I woke from that one I found my sister and she told me she didn't wake me from the bench because I was sucking my thumb... Weird dreams. We need more sleep!

    1. The pain was awful tonight. I'm in my two week wait right now and I normally have bad endo symptoms right now that get worse when I bleed of course. I swear that I have only about 5 pain free or less pain days per cycle.


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